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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

malnutrition with ethanol use   thiamine  
dysrhythmias and hypotension in those failing to respond example - b blocker or ca chan blocer induced bradycardia and hypotension   glucagon  
clear methemoglobin from nitro or lidocain overdoes   methylene blue  
reverse acidosis   sodium bicarb  
releive sympathetic nervous system symptoms of withdrawl from opiods   clonidine  
reverse depletion of stores associated with methanl intox   folic acid/leucovorin  
reverse MTX treatment   folic acid/leucovorin  
treat CO poisoning   Hyperbaric O2  
Lead   CaEDT antilewisite(britain)  
Lead arsenic, mercury   2.3 dimercaptosuccinic acid  
iron   desferrioxamine  
digoxin   anti-digoxin antibodies  
opiates and propoxyphene (resp. distress)   Naloxone (no effect if not present)  
Cyanide   lilly cyanide kit  
replenish glutathione to prevent liver damage   N--acetylcysteine  
methanol and ethylene glycol   ethanol  
stop toxic metabolites of methanol and ethylene glycol   4 methylprazole  
pyridoxine deficiency in anemic patients taking isoniazid   Pyridoxine  
Acute acnticholinergic poisoning   physostigmine  
reactivates cholinesterase   pralidoxime  
antagonizes benzodiazepine receptor to reverse effects   flumazeni  


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Created by: jmuame03