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Neolithic Period

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Why was it called the Neolithic Period?   It was the New Stone Age  
When did they arrive and why did they settle in land?   They arrived in 4,000BC. They were permanent settlers and therefore settled in land to set up a home.  
Name a famous Neolithic site?   Boyne Valley, Co. Meath/ Lough Gur, Co.Limerick/ CĂ©ide Fields, Co.Mayo.  
Describe their houses   Rectangular in shape, built using wattle and daub, strong timber planks held them upright in the ground  
What was wattle and daub   Interwoven sticks and twigs covered with mud, essentially acted as the bricks and clay of a house  
How did they till the land   Using mattocks and wooden ploughs which were pulled by oxen  
What was saddle stone used for?   To grind down the wheat and barley so it could be used for food  
Three Burial Customs   Court cairn, Portal dolmen, Passage tomb.  
What did all three have in common   They all included a burial chamber  
Purpose of the roof box in New Grange?   The sun would shine in every year on the Winter solstice ( 21st December) and light up the whole passage.  
Megalith   meaning large stones  
Four stages in building   Pushing, Pulling ,Levering and finally trenches were used to raise them into an upright position  
Describe a Court Cairn   These tombs had a semi-circular court in the front with an entrance leading into a passage and a burial chamber. Large upright stones cover the entrance  
Name 3 things we learned about Neolithic people.   They were well organised. They were great builders. They were astronomers and mathematician.  


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Created by: HistoryClass1.3