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Inpatient # 1-6

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Abilify   Aripiprazole   Non-typical Antipsychotic Agent  
Aclovate   Alclometasone Dipropionate   Anti-inflammatory, topical (A/A)  
Activase   Alteplase, Recombinant   Thrombolytic Enzyme  
Adenocard   Adenosine   Antiarrhythmic (A/A)  
Adrenalin   Epinephrine   Adrenergic (A/E)  
Advair Diskus   Fluticasone Propionate+Salmeterol Xinafoate   Antiasthma (A/F)  
Amaryl   Glimepiride   Antidiabetic  
Amikin   Amikacin Sulfate   Aminoglycoside (A/A)  
Ancef   Cefazolin Sodium   Cephalosporin  
Anzemet   Dolasetron Mesylate   Antiemetic (A/D)  
Augmentin   Amoxicillin+Clavulanate Potassium   Penicillin (A/A)  
Azactam   Aztreonam   Antibiotic (A/A)  
Beclovent   Beclomethasone Dipropionate   Antiasthma (B/B)  
Betoptic   Betaxolol HCl   Antiglaucoma  
Biaxin   Clarithromycin   Macrolide (B/C)  
Ceclor   Cefaclor   Cephalosporin, 2nd generation (C/C)  
Cefobid   Cefoperazone Sodium   Cephalosporin, 3rd generation (C/Cs)  
Celestone   Betamethasone   Adrenal Glucocorticoid (C/B)  
Cipro   Ciprofloxacin   Fluoroquinolone (C/C)  
Cleocin   Clindamycin Phosphate   Antibiotic (C/C)  
Combivir   Lamivudine+Zidovudine   HIV Antiviral Agent (C/L)  
Cordarone   Amiodarone HCl   Antiarrhythmic (C/A)  
Crixivan   Indinavir Sulfate   HIV Antiviral Agent (C/I)  
Cyclogyl   Cyclopentolate Ophthalmic   Anticholinergic  
Cytadren   Aminoglutethimide   Adrenal Steroid Synthesis Inhibitor  
Cytovene   Ganciclovir   Antiviral (C/G)  
Cytoxan   Cyclophosphamide   Immune Suppressant (C/C)  
DesOwen   Desonide   Anti-inflammatory, topical (D/D)  
Emcyt   Estramustine Phosphate   Antineoplastic (E/E)  
Engerix-B   Hepatitis B   Vaccine  
Ergamisol   Levamisole Hydrochloride   Immunomodulating Agent  
Estrace   Estradiol   Estrogen (E/E)  
Famvir   Famciclovir   Herpes Antiviral Agent (FA)  
Felbatol   Felbamate   Anticonvulsant (F/F)  
Femstat   Butoconazole Nitrate   Antifungal, vaginal  
Fortaz   Ceftazidime   Cephalosporin, 3rd generation (F/C)  
Foscavir   Foscarnet Sodium   Herpes Antiviral Agent (FO)  
Fungizone   Amphotericin B   Antifungal, systemic  
Gamunex   Immune Globulin   Immune Serum  
Garamycin   Gentamicin Sulfate   Aminoglycoside (G/G)  
Hemabate   Carboprost Tromethamine   Prostaglandin  
Herplex   Idoxuridine   Antiviral (H/I)  
Hydrea   Hydroxyurea   Antineoplastic (H/H)  
Imuran   Azathioprine   Immune Suppressant (I/A)  
Integrilin   Eptifibatide   Platelet Aggregation Inhibitor (I/E)  
Intron A   Interferon Alfa-2B   Anti-infective  
Intropin   Dopamine HCl   Adrenergic (I/Dh)  
Kytril   Granisetron HCl   Antiemetic (K/Gh)  
Leukeran   Chlorambucil   Antineoplastic (L/C)  
Levaquin   Levofloxacin   Fluoroquinolone (L/L)  
Lidex   Fluocinonide   Anti-inflammatory, topical (L/F)  
Lipitor   Atorvastatin Calcium   Antihyperlipidemic  
Loprox   Ciclopirox Olamine   Antifungal, topical  
Lovenox   Enoxaparin Sodium   Anticoagulant (L/Es)  
Lupron Depot   Leuprolide Acetate   Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonist  
Marinol   Dronabinol   Cannabinoid  
Maxipime   Cefepime HCl   Cephalosporin, 4th generation (M/Ch)  
Mefoxin   Cefoxitin Sodium   Cephalosporin, 2nd generation  
Myambutol   Ethambutol HCl   Antitubercular (M/Eh)  
Neupogen   Filgrastim   Hematopoietic  
Neurontin   Gabapentin   Anticonvulsant (N/G)  
Norvasc   Amlodipine Besylate   Antihypertensive  
Pepcid   Famotidine   Antiulcer  
Platinol   Cisplatin   Antineoplastic (P/C)  
Plavix   Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulfate   Platelet Aggregation Inhibitor (P/C)  
Precose   Acarbose   Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitor  
Pregnyl   Chorionic Gonadotropin   Leutenizing Hormone  
Premarin   Conjugated Estrogens   Estrogen (P/C)  
Prevacid   Lansoprazole   Antiulcer, Proton Pump Inhibitor  
Primaxin   Cilastatin Sodium +Imipenem   Antibiotic (P/C)  
Procrit   Epoetin Alfa   Blood Modifier  
Proleukin   Aldesleukin   Antineoplastic (P/A)  
Prolixin   Fluphenazine HCl   Antipsychotic  
Rhinocort   Budesonide   Adrenal Glucocorticoid (R/B)  
Rocephin   Ceftriaxone Sodium   Cephalosporin, 3rd Generation (R/Cs)  
Roferon   Interferon Alfa-2A   Antineoplastic (R/I)  
Sandimmune   Cyclosporine   Immune Suppressant (S/C)  
Seromycin   Cycloserine   Antitubercular (S/C)  
Suprax   Cefixime   Cephalosporin, 3rd generation (S/C)  
Survanta   Beractant   Lung Surfactant  
Temovate   Clobetasol Propionate   Anti-Inflammatory, topical (T/C)  
Timentin   Clavulanate Potassium+Ticarcillin Disodium   Penicillin (T/C)  
Toradol   Ketorolac Tromethamine   NSAID  
Unasyn   Ampicillin Sodium +Sulbactam Sodium   Penicillin (U/A)  
Vibramycin   Doxycycline Calcium   Antibiotic (V/D)  
Xeloda   Capecitabine   Antineoplastic (X/C)  
Xigris   Drotrecogin Alfa   Coagulation Inhibitor  
Zithromax   Azithromycin Dihydrate   Macrolide (Z/A)  
Zovirax   Acyclovir   Antiviral (Z/A)  
Zyrtec   Cetirizine HCl   Antihistamine  


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