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haney medterm C20-8

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

what is a series of x-ray films allowing visualization of internal structure?   angiography  
what is a specialized diagnostic procedure in which a catheter is introduced into large into large vein or artery?   angiocardiography  
what is the injection of a radiopaque contrast medium into a arterial blood vessel ?   cerebral angiography  
what is the x-ray visualization of the internal anatomy of the renal blood vessels?   renal angiography  
what is the process of taking x-rays of the inside of a joint?   arthrography  
what is a infusion of a radiopaque contrast medium,barium suifate into the rectum   barium enema  
what is the procedure that examines the size of and the filling of the pancreatic and biliary ducts through direct radiographic visualization ?   cholangio pancreatography (ERCP)  
what is the visualization of the gallbladder through x-ray   cholecystography  
what is the diagnostic technique combining the techniques of fluroscopy   cineradiography  
what is a painless nonivasive diagnostic x-ray following the coating of the bronchi with radiopaque substance?   bronchograpy  
what is the examination of the bile duct structure using a needle to pass into intrarepatic bile duct?   cholangiography (PTC)  
what is a radiological technique used to examine function of a organ?   fluroscopy  
what is x-ray images of blood vessels only?   digital subtraction angiography  
what is an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes?   hysterosalpingography  
what is an x-ray assessment of the lymphatic system following injection of contrast medium into lymph vessesl?   lymphangiography  
what is a noninvasive scanning procedure that provides visualization of fluid, soft tissue and bony structure?   magnetic resonance imaging  
what is the process of taking x-rays of soft tissue of breast?   mammography  
what is the introduction of contrast medium into the lumbar subarachnoid to visualize the spinal cord?   myelography  
what is the delivery of ionizing radiation?   radiation therapy  
what procedure provides visualization of the entire urinary tract?   pyelography  
what is an examination that determines the position, size, shape and physiological function?   radioactive iodine uptake  
what is a oral administration of a radiopaque control medium which flows through the GI system>   small bowel follow-through  
what is the technique used to prepare x-rays images of veins ?   venography  
what is the diagnostic x-ray technique used to produce an electrical image?   xeroradiography  


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Created by: lcvogue