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key concepts of the Civil War

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Who were the presidential candidates of the election of 1860?   Lincoln, Douglas, Bell, and Breckinridge  
Southerners justified secession with the theory of _________.   states' rights  
In 1860 Kentucky and West Virginia were both ______________.   Union slave states.  
Which presidential candidate did not appear on the ballot of most Southern states during the election of 1860?   Abraham Lincoln  
With other workers of the same skills, workers formed   trade unions  
What was "king" and the main topic of conversation in the South?   cotton  
Most enslaved people on plantations worked as   field hands  
Most factory workers lived in   slums  
What group of Southerners measured their wealth partly by the number of enslaved people they controlled?   plantation owners  
The main topic of the Lincoln–Douglas debates was   slavery  
What book by Harriet Beecher Stowe showed slavery as a brutal, cruel system?   Uncle Tom's Cabin  
What Supreme Court decision divided the nation even more?   Dred Scott decision  
What battle was named after a small church?   Shiloh  
The bloodiest day of the entire Civil War was the Battle of   Antietam  
William Tecumseh Sherman's "march to the sea" headed toward   Savannah, Georgia  
What guarantees accused individuals the right to a hearing before being jailed?   habeas corpus  
What battle began when the Union cavalry surprised the Rebel infantry raiding the town for shoes?   Gettysburg  
The main goal of the North at the beginning of the war was to   reunite the country  
Confederate ships that broke through the North's line of defense were called   blockade runners  
What April battle lasted only two days, but included some of the most bloody fighting of the war?   Shiloh  
Clara Barton worked with wounded soldiers and later founded the   American Red Cross  
Appomattox Court House is famous because it is the site of   General Robert E. Lee's surrender  
The doctrine of states’ rights helped to bring on the Civil War by asserting that states have a right to ____.   secede  
General Ulysses S. Grant began his command of Civil War Union forces in what part of the country?   along the rivers of the midwest  
What state was so divided over secession that it split into two states in the early 1860s?   Virginia  
Disagreement over new states being free states or slave states was a cause of the   Civil War  
Who was the president of the United States during the Civil War?   Abraham Lincoln  
Abraham Lincoln signed a document that freed all slaves in the south. This document is called the   Emancipation Proclamation  
Who was president of the Confederacy during the Civil War?   Jefferson Davis  
At the beginning of the Civil War, whose main goal was to bring the Southern states back into the Union?   the North  
At the beginning of the Civil War, whose main goal was to be recognized as an independent nation?   the South  
Who served in regiments separate from white regiments in the Union Army?   African American soldiers  
What 1865 constitutional amendment abolished slavery in the United States?   thirteenth amendment  
Lincoln was unable to carry out his Reconstruction plan because he   was assassinated  
Which Civil War general became president in 1869?   Ulysses S. Grant  
The Southern economy after the Civil War was mainly based on   agriculture  
With whom did senator Stephen A. Douglas debate the issue of slavery in the Senate race of 1858?   Abraham Lincoln of Illinois  
The first state to secede from the Union in 1860 was   South Carolina  
Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired?   Fort Sumter  
The first major battle of the Civil War was called the   Battle of Bull Run  
The capital city of the Confederacy was   Richmond, Virginia  
In what role did thousands of women serve during the Civil War?   nurse  
What 1870 constitutional amendment prohibited governments from denying the right to vote to any male citizen?   fifteenth amendment  
The phrase "separate but equal" refers to the rights of   African Americans and whites  


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Created by: rhenson