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Medical Terminology

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

AAD   American Academy of Dermatology  
ALL   acute lymphocytic leukemia  
ARDMS   American Registry for diagnostic Medical Sonography  
ARRT   American Registry of Radiologic Technologists  
ASRT   American society of radiologic technologists  
CABG   coronary artery bypass graft  
CAT scan   computed axial tomography  
CBC   Complete blood count  
CCU   Cardiac Care Unit (Critical care unit)  
CE   Cardiac Enlargement (cardiomegaly)  
CT   Computed Tomography  
cTnl and cTnT   Troponin l and troponin  
Diff   differential white blood cell count  
DMS   diagnostic medical sonography  
ECG,EKG   electrocardiogram  
ECHO   echocardiogram  
FDG   fluorodeoxyglucose  
GA   gastric analysis  
GI   gastrointestinal  
Hct   hematocrit  
Hgb   hemoglobin  
mm3 , cu mm   millimeter cubes, cubic millimeter  
mmol/L   millimole per liter  
MRI   magnetic resonance imaging  
ms   millisecond  
PET   positron emission tomography  
Ra   radium(element)  
RBC   red blood cell(count)  
RDCS   registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer  
RDMS   registered diagnostic medical sonographer  
RT   registered technologist  
RT(MR)   registered technologist(magnetic resonance imaging)  
RT(N)   registered technologist(nuclear medicine)  
RT(S)   registered technologist (sonography)  
RT(T)   registered technologist (radiation therapy)  
RVT   registered vascular technologist  
SPECT   single photon emission computed tomography  
WBC   white blood cell (count)  
XR   X-Ray  


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