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Common Orthopedic Abbreviations

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

AE   above albow  
AK   above knee  
BDT   bone density testingg  
BK   below knee  
BMD   bone mmineral density  
C1, C2, etc.   first cervical vertebra, second cervical vertebra, etc.  
Ca   calcium  
CK   creatine Kinase  
CTS   carpal tunnel syndrome  
DJD   degenerative joint disease  
DTR   deep tendon reflex  
DXA   dual-energy absorptiometry  
EMG   electromyogram  
FX, Fx   fracture  
HNP   herniated nucleus pulposus  
IM   intramuscular  
JRA   juvenile rheumatoid arthritis  
L1, L2, etc.   first lumbar vertebra, second lumbar vertebra, etc.  
LE   lower extremity  
LLE   left lower extremity  
LUE   left upper extremity  
MD   muscular dystrophy  
NSAID   nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug  
OA   osteoarthritis  
ORIF   open reduction-internal fixation  
Orth, ortho   orthopedics  
RA   rhuematoid arthritis  
RLE   right lower extremity  
RUE   right upper extremity  
T1, T2, etc.   first thoracic vertebra, second thoracic vertebra, etc.  
THA   total hip arthroplasty  
THR   total hip replacement  
TKA   total knee arthroplasty  
TKR   total knee replacement  
UE   upper extremity  


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Created by: Wolkowski