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medical terminology

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Angi/o   blood or lymph vessel  
Aort/o   aorta  
Arteri/o   artery  
Ather/o   plaque  
Cardi/o   heart  
Erythr/o   red  
Hem/o   blood  
Hemat/o   blood  
Leuko/o   white  
Phleb/o   vein  
Ven/o   veins  
Thromb/o   clot  
Lymph/o   lymph  
My/o   muscle  
Tachy-   rapid or fast  
Brady-   slow  
Peri-   surrounding  
Vascul   blood vessels  
Ventricul   ventricle  
Valvul   valve  
Endo-   within  
Epi-   upon  
Isch   to hold back  
Coron   crown  
-crasia   mixture of blending  
-emia   blood condition  
-ar   pertaining to  
-cytes   cells  
-ologist   specialist  
-sclerosis   abnormal hardening  
-oma   tumor  
-megaly   abnormal enlargement  
-itis   inflammation  
-stenosis   abnormal narrowing  
-ary   pertaining to  
-ism   condition  
-penia   deficiency  
-lytic   to destroy  
-graphy   process of recording  
-gram   picture or record  
-statis   stopping or controlling  
-rrhaphy   surgical suturing  
-plasty   surgical repair  
-al   pertaining to  
-edema   swelling  
-rrhagia   bleeding  
Embol   something inserted  
Cyt/o   cell  
Plast   growth  
Electr/o   electricity  
Aneurysm/o   aneurysm  
Re-   again  
An-   without  
Capill/o   capillaries  
Anti-   against  
Onc/o   tumor  
Cervic   neck  
Inguin   groin  
Axill   arm pit  
Phaden/o   lymph node  
Lymphangi   lymph vessel  
Lymph/o   lymph  
Immun/o   immune  
Carcin   cancer  
Fung   fungus  
Neo-   new  
Sarc/o   flesh  
Brachy-   short  
Mast/o   breast  
-cytes   cells  
-therapy   treatment  
-cide   causing death  
-plasm   formation  
-ectomy   surgical removal  


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Created by: bejaranohill09