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ch. 21 pharm combining forms, prefixes and suffixes

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

combing form, prefix, suffix
aer/o   air  
alges/o   sensitivity to pain  
bronch/o   bronchial tube  
chem/o   drug  
cras/o   mixture  
cutane/o   skin  
derm/o   skin  
erg/o   work  
esthes/o   feeling, sensation  
hist/o   tissue  
hypn/o   sleep  
iatr/o   treatment  
lingu/o   tongue  
myc/o   mold. fungus  
narc/o   stupor  
or/o   mouth  
pharmac/o   drug  
prurit/o   itching  
pyret/o   fever  
thec/o   sheath (of brain and spinal cord)  
tox/o   poison  
toxic/o   poision  
vas/o   vessel  
ven/o   vein  
vit/o   life  
ana-   upward, excessive, again  
anti-   against  
contra-   against opposite  
par-   other than, apart from  
syn   together, with  


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Created by: funnykitty24