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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Developed the first ventricular assist pump?   Debakey  
The first great anatomist; biology was made to serve theology   Galen  
Father of modern neurosurgery   Cushing  
Developed methods of meticulous wound closure known as the principles of surgical technique   Halstead  
Perfected the heart transplant and the heart-lung machine.   Cooley  
Father of modern anatomy, who performed dissections on human cadavers and created permanent records.   Vesalius  
Invented the vaccination for smallpox   Jenner  
Father of modern surgery, who used carbolic acid as a technique for antiseptic surgery.   Lister  
Surgeon who ligated arteries using "suture" after amputations.   Pare  
The 3 phases of surgical case management are?   preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative.  
Name the two people who are of the non sterile team that will be in the OR.   Circulator, anesthesia provider.  
The circulator is a(n) ________   RN, ST, LPN, LVN  
Formed an Alphabet, showed surgery being done. They were anatomist.   The egyptians  
First to be called physicians.They categorized and made lists of what they did   Greeks  
Created 4 humors: Fire-----, Earth----, Water-   Hypocrites --Greek  
Worked on gladiator Didn't work on animals, Tied religion with medicine.(puss is good)   Galen --- Greek  
Cataracts surgery.   China/Arabians  
Little medicine. Barber Surgeons became the in thing   The Dark and Middle ages  
This man stopped dissecting on animals and on cadavers. Was sanctioned by the church   Leonardo  
These people wore Guilds(robes) More educated then others, Started schools. Worked Fast   Barber Surgeons  
The Birth of True Anatomical Study   The Renaissance  
He republished Galen's books, changing them from Greek to Latin.   Linacre  
Battlefield surgeon, Gunshots wounds.. Treated Burns with onions. tourniquet/cauterize humanitarian   Pare  
NO TO CHURCH worked on cadavers! Said Galen was wrong! 1st true person to map out the human body   Vesalius  
Vascular surgeon, Found two systems   Harvey  
Washing hands and sheets. Died later from fever   Semmelweis  
Named them Microorganisms Heated milk and killed germs   Pasteur  
Father of antiseptic--Carbolic acid. AUTOCLAVE   Lister  
Father of Gastric surgery. Stopped bleeding ulser   Bilroth  
Hum.. Gloves? Black silk tying off blood vessels   Halstead  
Name the order of time: Who did what first   Egyptians  
Name the order of time: Who came second   Greeks  
Name the order of time: Who came thrid   Rome  
Name the order of time: Who came fourth   Middle and Far East  
Name the order of time: Who came fith   The Dark Middle ages  
Name the order of time: Who came sixth   The Renaissance- Birth of TRUE anatomical study  
Name the order of time: Who came seventh   1800's  
Name all of the Greeks players   Aristotle, Hypocrisies, Galen  
Name all of the Middle and Far East players   Barber Surgeons  
Name all of the Renaissance players   Linacre, Pare, Vesalius, Harvey  
Name all of the 1800's players   Semmelweis, Pasteur, Lister, Bilroth, Halstead  
The next big thing in 1845--Dr.Wells   Anesthesia  
What two drugs where used for parties and not for medical purpose until 1800   Nitroglycerin and Ether  
Which Dr. preformed the 1st experiment with ether on a neck tumor?   Dr.Long  
Who discovered O2 hint: he was a chemist   Pristly  
He tried to show the world that you could keep someone asleep and do surgery, unfortunately they woke up.   Wells  
1st person to specialized in anesthesia. And had his Pt. sign affidavit saying that it worked.   Morton  
He developed technique with Ether   Jackson  
These two brothers made the first organization that gathered specialized groups of people in one place.   Mayo Brothers  
German physicist who created the x-ray   Roentgen  
German GI doctor he did the most operations on the pancreas.   Kocker  
He was the 1st to transplant an artificial heart and that person lived.   Jarvick  
Father of modern transplant. The go to for liver transplants   Starzl  
Types of procedures: Life or limb on the line is what kind of surgery?   Emergent  
Types of procedures: This kind of surgery can be put off for only a few days is what kind of surgery?   Urgent  
Types of procedures: Not really needed makes quality of life poor is what kind of surgery?   Elctive  
Types of procedures: Doesn't need to happen at all is what kind of surgery?   Optional  
Name two specialized surgeries.   Ortho, and Plastics  
How did the surg. tech come about?   shortage of nurses after WWI  
The are always looking at the field   Surgeons  
Passed Boards then stated specialized training with surgeon   Surgical Fellow  
Surgeon in training   Resident Surgeon  
Blades and Fleas College students   Medical Students  
Highly skilled but very specialized   Surgical PA  
Legally allowed to note PT documents can bill the insurance company on own   Certified First Assist CSF  
At least 2 years of critical care experience. Then went back to school stay under the anesthesia   Certified Registered Nurse anesthetist CRNA  
Handle all the xrays   Rad Tech  
In charge of Daily schedule of the OR   OR Desk Charge Nurse  
Paper work, answering phones   Unit Specialist OR Desk  
These guys just passed cert. Will still need a preceptor. What level are they?   level one entry tech  
A few years on the job have advance skill they become the preceptor. Trauma ready.   level two proficient practitioner  
These guys do everything. The go to guy also known as the Service coordinators   Level three expert  
Sterile technique, being responsible, be careful with supplies, being honest..These describe what two words?   Surgical Conscience  


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