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SB82 Head Neck

SB82 Head Neck Surgery - ABSITE review

This vascular tumor of the middle ear, also known as a paraganglionoma, must be treated with surgical excision and radiotherapy ______________ Chemodectoma
Tumor of CN VIII ______________ ______________ Acoustic neuroma
This slow-growing epidermal inclusion cyst of the middle ear can erode as it grows ______________ Cholesteatoma
Twenty percent of ear SCC tumors metastasize to this location _____________ Parotid
Most common childhood aural malignancy of the middle or external ear ____________ Rhabdomyosarcoma
CSF rhinorrhea is usually due to a fracture of this structure _________________ _________________ Cribriform plate
TMJ dislocations must be treated how? __________ __________ Closed reduction
Lower lip numbness is often due to damage of this nerve _____________ _________ Inferior alveolar
Ligation of this structure can cause painful parotid atrophy and facial asymmetry, and should be repaired over a catheter stent if lacerated ____________ _________ Stensons duct
The most common organism causing suppurative parotitis is __________________ Staph
Acute inflammation of the salivary gland related to a stone in the duct ___________ Sialoadenitis
This head / neck abscess is heralded by trismus and odynophagia, and occurs in children older than ten _________________ Peritonsillar
Treatment of peritonsillar abscess Needle aspiration followed by drainage through tonsillar bed
This head / neck abscess occurs in children younger than ten, and can cause an airway emergency ________________ Retropharyngeal
Elderly patients with Pott’s disease can have this type of head / neck abscess _____________ Retropharyngeal
Treatment for retropharyngeal abscesses is intubation followed by drainage through the ___________________ ____________________ wall Posterior pharyngeal
This type of head / neck abscess an occur in all age groups, and may be precipitated by tonsillitis or pharyngitis _______________ Parapharyngeal
Parapharyngeal abscesses cause morbidity by _____________ invasion and by spread to the _________________ Vascular mediastinum
Acute infection of the floor of the mouth involving the myohyoid muscle ______________ ______________ Ludwig’s angina
Most common cause of Ludwig’s angina Dental infection of mandibular teeth
Eighty percent of benign parotid tumors are _____________ adenomas Pleiomorphic
In the absence of known malignant epithelial tumor, posterior neck masses are considered to be ______________ _______________ until proven otherwise Hodgkins lymphoma
Most esophageal foreign bodies are found inferior to this muscle _______________ Cricopharyngeus
Treatment of esophageal foreign body _____________ ________________ Rigid EGD
Rapid exsanguination after tracheostomy is often caused by _______________ ________________ Tracheoinnominate fistula
Failure of midline tongue fusion results in __________ __________ __________ Median rhomboid glossitis
Indications for timing of repair of cleft palate 10 lbs / 10 weeks / Hgb 10
Most common benign head / neck tumor in adults ______________ Hemangioma
Epiglottitis is most often caused by this organism _____________ ______________ Hemophilus influenza
Most common sites of Kaposi’s sarcoma ______________ Oral and pharyngeal musoca
Most common neoplasm in patients with AIDS ______________ _______________ Kaposis sarcoma
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