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surg tech 2011


scissors cut and disect delecate tissue, bread and butter metzenbaum scissors
scisors cut suture, bread and butter Straight mayo scissors
scissors cut and dissect thick tissue, bread and butter curved mayo scissors
cut drain drapes and bandages and extend uterus incisoions lister bandage scissors
draw suture through a tunnel, plastics, ent surgery's littler scissors
cut and extend vein or artery incisions, 90 degree potts smith scissors
cut the vaginal vault and the uterine cuff jorgenson around the world scissors
cute wire, breast and dental surgery roger wire cutters
disecting fine and delecate tissue plastics and hand stevenstentomoy scissors
cutting or disecting fine tissue straight iris scissors
extend artery or vein incisions 45 degree potts smith scissors
fine micro disection of veins and arterys castroviejo scissors
cut various sutures notched suture scissors
cut delecate tissue plastics, peds, and eyes strabismus scissors
fine micro disection of veins and arterys, special curved neck castroviejo circumflex scissors
approximate tissue while closing russian forceps
approximate subcantoneous tissue medium pickups w/o teeth
grasp tissue during neuro and ENT procedures bayonet forceps
tramautic, approximate subcautenous fibrous tissue medium pickups w teeth
grasp delecate tissue for electrosurgical coauglation neurobiopolar bayonet forceps
grasp fine tissue vascular or cardiovascular gold handled gerold vascular forceps
grasp suerficial tissue to faciliate dissection for suturing adison pickups w/o teeth
suturing tramautic, grasp superficial tissue facilitate disection adison pickups w teeth
atraumatic, used to close minor surgeries brown-adison pickups
close thick tissue muscle or fascia during orthopedic procedures ferris smith bonnie forceps
grasp fine tissue during cardio & vascular surgery debakey vascular pickups
holds sponge for skin prep, absorbtion, and blunt dissection forster sponge forceps
secure hemostasis of delecate tissue, plastics, and ent, and hand halsted curved and straight masquito hemostat clamp
secure temporay hemostasis in deep anatomy, c-section, and laporotomy crile curved hemastat clamp
holding and apply hemoclips to achieve hemostasis hemoclip applier
secure individual bleeding vessels for hemostasis crile straight hemostat clamp
getting into difficult areas right angel mixter munion clamp
grab uterus in histeroctomy meat hook
hold tissue or organs tramatic, no hole, teeth allis clamp
hold and grab delecatae tissue with out crushing. ex flopian tubes babcock clamp
clamp bleeding tissue or vessels, big papa pean clamp
clamp bleeding tissue or vessels, small, baby kelly clamp
grasp fashia, straight, open heart kocher clamp
grasp fashia, curved, vascular and cardiovascular oschner clamp
hold suture and needle during procedures in which angled tip is needed. vaginal histerectomoy heaney needle holder
hold tonsils sponges and tissue schnit tonsil hemastat
heavy suture, cross hatched, cardiovascular, general surgery mayo hager needle holder
small suture for laceration stitch, or plastics, superficial tissue, minor closure webster needle holder
medium needles on medium tissue, for general surgery, has a hold like a knot in the wood. crilewood needle holder
hold the lung tissue, thorasic surgery duval clamp
grasp tissue for applying traction, secsure drapes enta towel clip
grasp tissue for applying traction, never used to secure drapes backhaus towel clip
clamp on uterus during c-section, grasp tissue during general surgery especially rectal surgery pennington forceps
holding wire sternal sutures for cardiovascular surgery barry sternal needle holder
clamp uterus, serrated jaws, bigger than duval clamp lovelace lung clamp
grasp thyroid lahey goitre forcep
grasp cervical polyps or intrauterine gallbladder tissue, grasp gallstones polyp forcep
heavy tissue large kelleys clamp
provide tissue occulusion during hysterectomy longitudial serrations, notched at tip heaney balenstein clamp
abdominal surgery, maintaining expousure,6 feet and bladder blades balfour self retaining retractor
maluable retractor to retract viseria during abdominal surgery protect soft tissue during disection ribbon retractor
to retract ribs chest and vascular finochietto retractor rib spredder
general and plastics like weitlaner only has brackets for adjustment beckman retractor
exposure to superficial wounds weitlaner self retaining retractor
used in plastics spring wire retractor
retracts nerves and artery and veins dandy nerve hook
superficial wound exposure ragnell-davis double ended
maintain wound exposure in neuro and obsterical and gynecological surgery & plastics gelpi self retaining retractor
atramautic clamp the intestines debakey colon clamp
clamping the vena cava stinsky debakey vascular clamp
secure vascular occlusion during vascular and cardiovascular surgery aortic clamp
to clamp aortic aneurysms, looks like the curve of your spine grant abdominal aorta aneurysm clamp
grasp renal calculi or polyps randall stone forcep
maintain wound exposure general and plastics army navy retractor
abdominal wound exposure mayo abdominal retractor
provide visiual of the rectum rectal speculum
retract in deep tissue harringtion sweetheart retractor
retract heavy tissue isreel retractor
used to retract the abdominal wall wide deaver retractor
maintain plastics and hand wound exposure senn retractor
superficial wound exposure skin hook retractor
help aide in vaginal delivery simpson obsteric forceps
retraction of skin during plastic procedures doubled tooth rake volkman double tooth skin hook
retract veins and vessles for plastics vein retractor
maintain wound exposure in cardiothorasic and abdominal surgery richardson retractor
superficial wound exposure double hooked freer deleciate double hook
abdominal retractor? coryllos retractor
abdominal retraction like spatula with a hold in handle glassman retractor
delecate needle and suture, fine micro vascular needles used in vascular and neuro casterjevo needle holder
retract thyroid green thyroid retractor
grasp the hemmorrhiod while extracting like schnit tonsil only thicker hemmorridectomy clamp
used in ortho surgerys to evevate tissue joker adson elevator
cutting bone 5mm hoke osteotome
sharp, superficial retraction 4 prong rake
tapping on osteotomes chisels, instering pins mallet
grasp uterine atraumatically during pelvic surgery uterine polyp forcep
smoothing the surface of bone putti rasp double ended
holding bone in place, looks like turkey claw lowman bone holding clamp
wound exposure for ortho cases hibbs retractor
removing the femoral head during hip surgery femoral head removal
Created by: cgreathouse0009
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