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Certification Review

Adnexa refers to accessory organs
A drop is denoted by the abbreviation gt
The abbreviation ung refers to ointment
Proximal is a term that indicates a point nearer to the body
Adduction means movement toward median plane
Ischemic can be defined as a decreased supply of oxygenated blood to a body part or organ
A cystocele is herniation of urinary bladder
Nulli is a prefix that means none
False is indicated by the prefix pseudo
Tiny red or purple spots on the skin appearing as a result of small hemorrhages within the dermal or submucosal layers are called petechiae
Kerato refers to horny
The suffix lysis means breaking down
The left eye is indicated by what letters OS
Tissue death is called necrosis
The secretion of excess sweat is also known as diaphoresis
Which radiographic procedure has the ability to make images in multiple planes MRI
The absence of a normal body opening, duct or canal is called atresia
Epistaxis can be defined as bleeding from the nose
Blood gas analysis is called ABG
A ganglion is a collection of nerve endings
The lungs are covered in a serous membranous sac called the visceral pleura
The passageway for foods and liquids into the digestive system, and for air into the respiratory system, is the pharynx
The vocal cords are located in the larynx
The function of the trachea is to conduct air to and from the lungs
The nasal cavity is divided into two portions by the septum
The bones of the palm of the hand are referred to as metacarpals
The muscles important to respiration are intercostal
The thick, fan-shaped muscle that lies on the anterior chest is the pectoralis major
The triangular muscle of the shoulder that abducts the arm is the deltoid
Which of the abdominal muscles originates at the pubic bone and ends in the ribs rectus abdominis
One of the principal muscles of the pelvic floor is the levator ani
The gastrocnemius is the chief muscle of the calf of the leg
A connective tissue band that holds bones together is called ligament
The two bones that form the side walls and the roof of the cranium are the parietal bones
The sternocleidomastoid muscle is located where along the side of the neck
The medial bone of the forearm, which is located on the small finger side of the hand, is called the ulna
The bone that is shaped like a butterfly and forms the anterior portion of the base of the cranium is the sphenoid
The bone that forms the posterior portion of the skull is the occipital
The lower jawbone is the mandible
The bone located in the neck between the mandible and the larynx, which supports the tongue and provides attachment for some of its muscles, is the hyoid bone
The adult vertebral column has how many bones 26
How many cervical vertebrae are there 7
The bone in the axial skeleton that does not articulate with any other bone is the hyoid
The number of pairs of ribs is 12
A slender, rod-like bone that is located at the base of the neck and runs horizontally is the clavicle
The nucleus pulposus is the cushioning mass within an intervertebral disc
The upper, flaring portion of the hipbone is the ilium
A large opening at the base of the skull through which the spinal cord passes is the foramen magnum
The larger, weight-bearing bone of the lower leg is the tibia
The bone that fits into the acetabulum, forming a joint, is the femur
Another name for kneecap is patella
The membranes that line closed cavities within the body are called serous membranes
The longest bone in the body is the femur
A rounded protuberance found at a point of articulation with another bone is called a condyle
An infection of the bone is osteomyelitis
The epiphyses are the ends of long bones
Oil glands of the skin are called sebaceous
The periosteum is the membrane that covers bone
A transparent structure that permits the eye to focus rays to form an image on the retina is the lens
The purpose of the iris is to regulate the amount of light entering the eye
The structure that is seen from the outside as the colored portion of the eye is the iris
The nerve that carries visual impulses to the brain is the optic nerve
The white outer layer of the eyeball is the sclera
A jelly-like substance in the eye's posterior cavity is called vitreous humor
The structure that connects the middle ear and the throat, allowing the eardrum to vibrate freely, is the eustachian tube
The conjunctiva is the covering of the anterior globe except the cornea
The number of pairs of spinal nerves is 31
The great sensory nerve of the face and head is the trigeminal
The cranial nerve that contains special sense fibers for hearing as well as for balance is VIII - vestibulocochlear
The part of the brain responsible for maintenance of balance and muscle tone, as well as coordination of voluntary muscle, is the cerebellum
The frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital lobes are divisions of the cerebrum
The area of the brain that controls the respiratory center is the medulla oblongata
The largest part of the brain is the cerebrum
The outermost covering of the brain and spinal cord is the dura mater
Cerebrospinal fluid circulates freely in the subarachnoid space
The brain contains four fluid-filled spaces called the ventricles
Which of the following structures transmits sound vibrations to the inner ear tympanic membrane
The winding, cone-shaped tube of the inner ear is the cochlea
Which of the following is not an auditory ossicle - cochlea, stapes, incus or malleus cochlea
Cross-matching of blood determines suitability of donor by mixing donor RBC's with recipient serum
The highly specialized blood cell whose function is oxygen transportation is red blood cells
A differential count provides an estimate of the percentage of each type of white cell
Mixing of incompatible bloods may result in agglutination (blood becomes clumped or held together in bunches)
Platelets are essential for coagulation of blood
In the normal adult, the average number of leukocytes per cubic millimeter of circulating blood is 5,000-10,000
Which type of suture would be used to invert the stump of an appendix purse-string
A Nissen Fundoplication procedure is done to correct antireflux disease
A catheter commonly used in gastrostomy is mushroom
A postoperative complication attributed to glove powder entering a wound is granulomata
The Sengstaken-Blakemore tube is used for esophageal hemorrhage
How is a frozen section sent to the lab dry
McBurney is an incision used for appendectomy
A hernia occurring in Hesselback's triangle is called direct
Pathologic enlargement of the male breast is called gynecomastia
Sutures placed in a wound to prevent wound evisceration are called retention
A left subcostal incision indicates surgery of the spleen
A subphrenic abscess occurs in the liver
Which incision would require cutting through Scarpa's fascia inguinal
Labor can be induced using pitocin
The most commonly identified ovarian cyst is the follicle
A herniation of the cul-de-sac at the Pouch of Douglas is enterocele
A condition causing leaking of urine into the vagina is vesicovaginal fistula
A solution used for eye irrigation is balanced salt solution
Dilating eye drops are called mydriatics
A procedure to treat retinal detachment is scleral buckling
A chalazion is a chronic inflammation of the meibomian gland
Sagging and eversion of the lower lid is ectropion
Removal of the entire eyeball is enucleation
The most common topical anesthetic agent used in ENT surgery is cocaine
A perforated eardrum is corrected by tympanoplasty
Severe vertigo may be relieved by labyrinthectomy
The majority of benign salivary gland tumors occur in which glad parotid
Microtia refers to absence of the external ear
Syndactyly refers to webbing of the digits
A face lift is termed a rhytidectomy
Which muscle is utilized to effect a TRAM flap in breast reconstruction transrectus abdominis
The Pereyra needle is used in which specialty area of surgery urology
Removal of a testis or the testes is called orchiectomy
An endoscopic procedure to treat stress incontinence is a Stamey procedure
Orchiopexy can be defined as fixation of a testicle
In a penile implant, the inflation pump is located in the scrotum
Excision of the tunica vaginalis is a hydrocelectomy
An abnormal accumulation of fluid in the scrotum is hydrocele
Which suture is commonly used to attach tendon to bone wire
Baker's cysts are found in the popliteal fossa
In a total hip replacement, which structure is reamed acetabulum
Joint reconstruction is known as arthroplasty
An infection in bone is termed osteomyelitis
A lateral curvature of the spine is scoliosis
Harrington rods are used to treat scoliosis
A rotator cuff repair is called a Bankart
An olecranon fracture occurs in the elbow
Surgery on the medial malleolus would be of the tibia
The most frequent site of cartilage tears in the knee joint are at the medial meniscus
The antagonist to heparin sodium is protamine sulfate
Dextran is used parenterally to expand blood plasma volume
Plaque removal from a vessel is termed endarterectomy
Raney clips are hemostatic scalp clips
A tumor arising from the covering of the brain is meningioma
Oxgen-dependent bacteria are said to be aerobic
The destruction of bacteria by white cells during the inflammatory process is called phagocytosis
Rodlike shaped bacteria are identified microscopically as bacilli
Clostridium tetani causes lockjaw
Which bacteria is commonly found in soil clostridium tetani
The bacteria that causes rheumatic fever is streptococcus
What organism is responsible for a boil staphylococcus aureus
The organism most frequently found in burns is pseudomonas aeruginosa
Gas gangrene is caused by clostridium perfringens
A bacteria found in the intestinal tract is escherichia coli
The substance that unites with thrombin to form fibrin, the basic structural material of blood clots is fibrinogen
A cicatrix is a scar
Keloids are a raised, thickened scar
A drug that interferes with the blood-clotting mechanism is heparin
The action of an anticholinergic drug is to reduce secretions
Naloxone (Narcan) is an example of narcotic antagonist
Avitene is hemostatic
The most common diuretic is lasix
A drug used to treat metabolic acidosis sodium bicarbonate
Another name for adrenalin is epinephrine
In an inguinal herniorrhaphy the spermatic cord is retracted with a Penrose drain
Meckel's diverticulum is found in the ileum
Low or decreased blood volume hypovolemia
Injection of contrast media into the brachial, carotid or vertebral artery to study the intracranial vessels is called angiography
A right hemicolectomy is performed to remove pathology of the ascending colon
Dacryo refers to lacrimal gland
When transporting a patient, drainage systems should be placed below stretcher level
Which two anatomic structures are ligated and divided to effect a cholecystectomy cystic duct, cystic artery
Adeno means gland
Which suture is not generally used in the presence of infection silk
Radical surgery done for lower sigmoid or rectal malignancy is a abdominal perineal resection
The term for fluid or water in the ventricles of the brain is hydrocephalus
212 degrees F is equivalent to 100 degrees C
A fossa is a basin-like depression
The purpose of lidocaine installation during a tracheotomy is to decrease coughing
A forcep used to grasp lung tissue is a Duval
Which part of the pancreas is the most common site of malignant tumors head
What part of the cell is destroyed in steam sterilization cell protein
A rotator cuff tear would occur in the shoulder
The most susceptible organ to laser injury is the eyes
Nipple reconstruction can be enhanced by the use of tattoo
A drug that may be used as an IV flush or as a flush for a blood vessel lumen is heparin
Where are the adrenal glands located above the kidney
There are ___ parathyroids 4
The sphincter at the junction of the small and large intestine is the ileocecal sphincter
Which hepatitis poses a threat to health care workers B
A dye used in gynecology to test tubal patency is methylene blue
Which stage of wound healing takes place when there is tissue loss with an inability to approximate wound edge second (granulation)
An elevated PSA test could be indicative of cancer of the prostate
In which intention of healing is there a wide, fibrous scar third
Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the wrist
When the foreskin of the penis cannot be retracted over the glans it is called phimosis
The burn characterized by blister formation, pain and a moist and mottled red appearance is second
The Islets of Langerhans are located in the pancreas
The master gland is the pituitary
The operation to correct prolapse of the anterior vaginal wall is colporrhaphy
Which nasal sinus can be approached only through an external eyebrow incision frontal
Which sinus is surgically opened in a Caldwell-Luc procedure maxillary
The second cranial nerve is the optic
The eardrum is also known as the tympanic membrane
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