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word endings

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

-cyte   cell  
-ectomy   surgical removal  
-rrhea   flow, discharge  
-spasm   muscle contraction  
-penia   dificiency  
-rraphy   suture  
-sclerosis   hardening  
-genesis   formation  
-otomy   incision  
-plegia   paralysis  
-centesis   surgical puncture  
-stenosis   narrowing  
-tome   cutting instrument  
-cele   hernia  
-graphy   process of recording  
-plasty   surgical repair  
-malacia   softening  
-al   pertaining to  
-ologist   specialist  
-ostomy   create new opening  
-megaly   enlargement  
-tripsy   crushing  
-ptosis   drooping, sagging  
-rrhexis   rupture  
-emesis   vomiting  
-oma   tumor  
-scopy   process of viewing  
-itis   inflammation  
-ology   study of  
-graph   instrument for recording  
-scope   instrument to view  
-poiesis   formation  
-pathy   disease  
-pexy   surgical fixation  
-osis   condition  
-dynia   pain  
-algia   pain  
-gram   record, picture x ray  
-lith   stone  


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Created by: mwessel22