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HY 101 test one


Septuagint the translation of the Hebrew bible into Greek
Alexandria City in Egypt
Mystery Cults cults that combined certain elements of Greek and Roman and eastern religions
Ptolemy He was a general under Alexander and took over Egypt after the fall
Stoics They believed that human society followed natural order and that everyone should treat each other as equals
Epicureans it’s a type of philosophy (reduced desires that were simple and attainable)
Koiné a form of Greek spoken during Hellenistic and Roman antiquity
Ptolemies the dynasty that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great
Seleucids General and ruled the Persian Empire after Alexander
Antigonids Grandson of one of the commanders, Ruled Greece after the fall of the empire
Alexander the Great Took over after Philip and conquered the Persian Empire and some in India
Philip of Macedon He united Greece after the Persian wars
Thermopylae the strategic place where the armies of Greece decided to fight the Persians
Xerxes the next king of Persia he also went to war with the Greeks but lost
Darius king of the Persian empire who went to war with the Greeks to recapture rebellious states he won there but when he invaded Athens he failed
Ephors The elder council for Sparta
Helots Slaves and/or indinchered servents
Similars The Spartan equivalent of citizens
Lycurgus A Spartan statesman (could be imaginary), made sparta what we think of it today
Ostracism ten year exile with no loss of property
Assembly Gathering of all land holding citizens to vote
Cleisthenes Was a statesman for Athens who laid the foundation for democracy
Solon Athenian states-man who saved Athens from civil war by freeing the debt slave
Eupatrids Ancient nobility of the Greek region of Attica
Agorá a central spot in ancient Greek city-state
Acropolis Older part of greek cities, city on a hill
Hoplite infantry
Polis City states for Greece
Hatshepsut Women pharaoh 1490 bc
Ma’at The universal balance of justice and harmony
Pharaoh King of Egypt
Nomarch Semi-feudal rulers of Ancient Egyptian provinces
Papyrus Form of paper from papyrus leaves
Rosetta Stone A stone that translated Egyptian into Latin
Hieroglyphs A form of pictograph developed by the Egyptians
Epic of Gilgamesh Story about a king who tries to bring back his fallen ally but fails
Lugal Sumerian King
Ensi prince of city state
Ziggurat Holy sites for Sumerians
Cuneiform one of the first writing systems ever developed. It looks like wedges
Judas Maccabeus led the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire
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