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Word wall Vocab.

Abolitionist A person who strongly loyalty favors doing away with slavery
Sectionalism loyalty to a region
Judicial Review Branch of government including the federal court system
Suffrage Right to vote
Boycott To refuse to buy items from a particular country
Nationalism Intense loyalty to ones is nation or group & promotion of it's interest above all others
Inflation Continuious rise in the price of goods and services
Ratify to give offical approval
Revolution Sudden complete & drastic change
democratic Republic Political system in which a country has a government instead of a monarch
Secede Membership in a federal union an alliance or a political, or religious organization
Citizenship the status of a citizen with right and dudties
Legislative Branch Branch of the U.S government that has the power of legislating
Propaganda Information of a misleading nature used to promote or publized a particular or political or political point of view
Laissez-faire Policy that government should interfere as little as possible
Amendment A additional to a formal document such as constitution
Veto To reject a bill & preventing it to become a law
State Sovereignty The concept that states have to right to government themselves for independence
Executive Branch Branch of U.S government that is responsible for carrying out the laws
Judicial Branch The Branch of the U.S governemnt responsible for the administration of justice
Constitution Body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to a state or other organization is acknowleges to be governed
Federalism Federal priniple or government or system of government
Manifest Destiny 18th- century doctrine or belief that the expanison of the U.S throughout the American Contients
Created by: rtorrence