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Apoptosis Dr. F


If you have mutated Ced 3 or Ced 4 will the cells die? No. They inactivate cell death
If you knocked out Ced 9 will cells die? Yes. Ced 9 is a repressor of death
What Ced is Bcl-2 homologous to? Ced 9
When caspase 3 effector cleaves ICAD what does it activate? CAD
Name intiator caspases Casp 8, Casp 9 and Casp 10
In order for an effector caspase to be activated what must happen? It must be cleaved
In order for an initiator capase to be activated what must happen? It must be dimerized and cleaved. Once you bring the monomers together as a dimer it autocleaves
Name the caspases apart of the extrinsic pathway Casp 8 and casp 10
Name the caspases apart of the intrisic pathway Casp 9
Describe the extrinsic pathway TNF binds to the ligand and then attracts adaptor protein and binding through adaptor proteins activates the initiator caspase by forced dimerization
What happens after intiator caspases are activated? They activate effector caspases leading to a caspase cascade.
Describe the intristic pathway Ced 4/Apaf 1 form a complex with a specific initiator procaspase causing its activation. Then cleaves and activates the effector caspase.
Do increased levels of Bcl-2 induce or repress apoptosis? repress
Do increased levels of Bax/Bak induce or repress apoptosis? Induce
What is Ced-3 hoomologous to in mammals? ICE (interleukin 1B converting enzyme)