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Histology ASCP

ASCP Histology Prep: STAINING

If overstain w/ methylene blue counterstain in acid-fast procedure, you remove the excess color by ____ differentiating in 95% alcohol or in acid-alcohol and restain
stains that detect fungi PAS for fungi; Grocott's methanamine silver nitrate; Gridley
what color is a positive result for H. pylori using the Giemsa stain? dark blue
color of GRAM NEGATIVE organism using the Gram stain? RED (neg-red)
what are the names of the acid fast stains Kinyoun/ Fite/ Ziehl Neelsen/ Auramine-Rhodamine
H. pylori detection stains are Diff Quik/Giemsa/Alcian Yellow-Toluidine Blue/Steiner
What is the genus name for the bacteria identified with acid-fast stain. Mycobacteria
What color is the background stained with acid fast stains? blue
What color does spirochetes stain? BLACK
What step must be added to the fite acid fast stain? xylene peanut oil solution to deparaffinize in order to protect leprosy capsule
What stains the leprosy organism? Fite acid-fast stain
What are the steps of the acid fast stain procedure? Carbol fuchsin - differetiate w/acid alcohol- wash in running water- counterstain in methylene blue- rinse with water, dehydrate, clear, coverslip
What color does H.Pylori stain using Diff Quik? blue violet
what are the steps of the gram stain? crystal violet- gram's iodine - safranin or basic fuchsin
What color do GRAM POSITIVE organisms stain using Gram stain? blue or violet
What color signifies a positive result for acid fast? red
What does Gram stain differentiate between? gram(+) and gram(-) organisms
what color does H. pylori stain with Steiner? black
What stain detects spirochetes? Steiner/Wathin-Starry
With GMS (Grocott's methanimine silver nitrate), what color does fungi stain? BLACK
What is the most recognized pigment? melanin
most common exogenous pigments carbon/iron/lipochromes
What pigment can bind silver? melanin
3 most common artifactual pigments formalin/mercury/chromium
5 common endogenous pigments melanin/hemosiderin/urates/bile/lipofuchsin
Van Gieson stain results blue/black nuclei; RED COLLAGEN
PAS is used for ________ mucosubstances NEUTRAL
In metachromatic staining, ___ can be varied to differ acid mucins pH
To suppress background staining in Congo Red procedure, _________________ is used. Sodium Chloride
Alcian Blue/ PAS is used to differentiate between ________. Acid & Neutral Mucosubstances
is birerefringet formalin
PAS diastese shows sites in the tissue where the glycogen was removed (digested).
Colloidal Iron binds with acid mucosubstances in what reaction and stains blue? Prussian blue reaction.
FITE stains what? Mycobacterium (RED)
Prepare a 10% solution of 37%-40% formalin with 9 parts water adn one part stock solution formalin.
Paraformaldehyde is used in ____ labs to yield pure solution of formaldehyde, which do not contain _________. EM labs/Methanol
______ helps to prevent polymerization methanol
cross links quickly but binds slowly formaldehyde
Black acid hematin forms when formalin pH is below ____ in blood rich tissues. 6.0
greatest binding action of formaldehyde occurs at ____ to ___ pH 7.5 to 8.0 pH
Formaldehyde does NOT fix carbohydrates but traps them ______... inside the fixed and stabilized proteins.
Contains Sodium Chloride/DI/Formaldehyde Formaldehyde Saline: isotonic but may produce formalin pigment
Contains Calcium Chloride/DI/Formaldehyde Calcium Formaldehyde: for PHOSPHOLIPIDS
Contains Sodium Acetate/DI/Formaldehyde Acetate Formaldehyde: for Phospholipids but cases PSEUDOCALCIFICATION
Contains Calcium or Magnesium Carbonate/DI/Formaldehyde 10% Neutralized Formalin: used widely but becomes acidic almost immediately.
Contains Sodium Phosphate monobasic & dibasic/DI/Formaldehyde 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin: for routine formalin fixation. ph is 6.8
Contains Sodium Phosphate Monobasic/Sodium Phosphate HYDROXIDE/DI/Formaldehyde Modified Millonig: used in EM on long stored tissue
contains Absolute Ethyl Alcohol/DI/Formaldehyde Alchoholc Formalin: store tissue indefinitely
Formalin PEL = 0.75ppm in __ hours 8 hours
Formalin STEL = 2 ppm in ___ 15 minutes
Contains Sodium Phosphate monobasic/25% glutaraldehyde/DI Glutaraldehyde (pH = 7.2-7.3)
Coagulant, produces shrinkage, additive, black pigment NOT preventable Mercuric Chloride (not used with frozens, inhibits freezing/corrosive/avoid use with metals)
EM use as post-fixative after aldehyde fixation. Cell membranes become electron dense. use very thin sections. Osmium tetroxide
____ Gridley fungus stain
TWA = 0.002ppm Osmium tetroxide
coagulant of necleoproteins, leaves DNA soluble, acts as stain and fixative, decalcifies, softens but shrinks too Picric Acid (avoid for DNA and RNA)
non-coagulant, great for MITOCHONDRIA identification procedures Potassium Dichromate
replacement for mercury, preserves antigenicity, may replace NBF, makes formalin pigment when unbuffered, superior nuclear detail Zinc Salts
fixative of hematopoitic and lymphoreticular tissues for beautiful nuclear detail (over NBF) B5
mercuric chloride/formaldehyde/sodium acetate (formalin pigment) B5
picric acid/glacial acetic acid/formaldehyde Bouin
red blood cells are lysed, formalin pigment may form, good for trichrome stain, remove yellow color with 50-70% alc, excellent for biopsy tissues, not for EM Bouin
95% alcohol w/picric acid/formaldehyde/glacial acetic acid GENDRE
alcoholic Boiun derivative which is great for carbohydrates (GLYCOGEN)remove excess picric with 80% alcohol GENDRE
copper acetate/picric acid/acetic acid/formaldehyde HOLLANDE
decalcifies small specs of bone, good for gastric biopsies, cupric acetate stabilizes RBC and eosinophils and endocrine cells. HOLLANDE
Any fixative containing formalin can yield _______. formalin pigment, when the ph is lowered or if solution is unbuffered.
Created by: alexinem
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