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Freedom The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants
Equality The state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunities
Private Property Personal or Movable Property
Justice The quality of being fair / reasonable
Authority The Legal right to give orders and enforce rules
Government Institutions and officials organized to establish and carry out public policy
Power The ability to cause others to behave as they might not otherwise choose to do
Legitimacy The quality of being accepted as an authority, often applied to laws or those in power
Public Goods A product or service that is available for all people to consume, whether they pay for it or not
Nation-states AN independent state especially one in which the people share a common culture in a nation state, people name a sense of belonging to one country, even if they have different ethnic backgrounds
Soverignty The right to exercise supreme authority over a geographic region, a group of people, or oneself
Politics The process and method of making decisions for groups. Although generally applied to government politics is also observed in all human interactions
Institution An established organization especially that is providing a public service
Democracy A system of government in which citizens exercise supreme power, acting either directly on their own or through elected representatives
Monarchy A system of government in which a single ruler exercises supreme power based on heredity or divine right.
Dictatorship A system of government in which a single person or group exercises supreme power by controlling the military and police
Market economy An economic system that relies mainly on markets to determine what goods and services produce and how to produce them
Traditional economy an economic system in which decisions about what to produce and how they are made on the basis of customs, beliefs, and traditions
Republic A nation in which supreme power rests with the citizens and is exercised by their elected representatives
Parliament A legislative assembly in which elected representatives debate and vote on proposed laws
Command economy An economic system that relies mainly on the central government to determine what goods and services to produce and how to produce them
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