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Controverses vocab for New York Fantasy

faire un séjour to spend some time (in a place)
constater to notice
plein(e) full (de of)
baigner to bathe
diriger to manage, direct, or supervise
vis-à-vis de in relation to
afin (pour que) so (that)
concrétiser to make a reality
la volonté will, disposition
le ressort driving force
surpuissante high-powered
le délire delirium, frenzy
en dehors de except for
l'étalon universel de valeur (m) universal standard of value
un point c'est tout Period! It's that simple!
souple supple, flexible, smooth
maîtriser to control
dès que as soon as
dépanner to fix, tow away, help out
apercevoir to make out, catch sight of
un acte action
dicté inspired by
un choc impact, shock
sinon otherwise, or else
réel true, actual
un éclairage insight
lancer to throw, launch
une piste trail
se dresser to stand up
gémellité twin-ness
s'abrîmer to get damaged
narguer to taunt
la suffisance self-importance
trou béant gaping hole
un grue crane
apaiser to ease, satisfy
ronger to gnaw, eat into
le vide void
être à égalité devant to be tied to
se mettre à roder to prowl around
la folie personal reality
le solipsisme craziness
ne... nulle part nowhere
aspirer to suck in
la chute the fall
Created by: shutyomouth