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Most Common Words

Chosen from list of 1000 Most Common French Words (Best of 1-500)

moins less
entre between
également equally
en effet indeed
pays country
le cas échéant as the case may be
taux rate, level
groupe group
ainsi que as, just as, like (ainsi = "thus, in this way")
depuis since
sera will be
entreprise company
contre against, next to
dernier last, prior
autre other
reste remainder
produits products
cela that
bénéfice benefit
hausse rise, increase
souvent often
surtout above all, especially
nombre number
pourrait could
devrait should
mieux better
baisse drop decrease
résultats results
début start, begining
d’ailleurs besides, furthermore, moreover, what’s more
notamment notably
cependant however, meanwhile
car as, since, because
toutefois however, nonetheless
selon according to, in accordance with
semble seems
fort strong
frais fresh; recent, cool
pourtant however
gestion management, control
pendant during
parfois sometimes
forme form, shape
autant que as much as
moyen 1. medium, average 2. way, method
choix choice
assez enough, quite
nombreux numerous, many
offrir to offer
environ about, close to, around
ensuite next, thereafter
sens sense
portefeuille wallet
ailleurs somewhere else
tellement so, so much (as in, he is so good)
lorsque when (at that time) ie, when I was young Lorsque j’étais jeune
aucun none "Il n'a aucun désir He doesn't have any desire"
coup hit, strike
propre clean
atteindre acheive
revenir return
montant total amount
rapidement quickly
ville city
bas low, bottom
là-bas over there
marque brand
véritable veritable, true
ligne line
longtemps a long time
concurrence agreement
élever raise, enhance
Created by: schw0722
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