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-ir verbs

acquerir to acquire
affaiblir to weaken
agir to act
benir to bless
choisir to choose
conquerir to conquer
consentir to consent
couvrir to cover
cueillir to seize, pick
decouvrir to discover
demolir to demolish
desobeir to disobey
devenir to become
dormir to sleep
elargir to expand
(s')enfuir to escape
enrichir to enrich
(s')evanouir to faint
fleurir to blossom (lit)
finir to finish
fournir to provide
garantir to guarantee
garnir to decorate
gemir to whine
grandir to grow taller
grossir to gain weight
hair to hate
mentir to lie
munir to equip (with a tool)
mourir to die
obeir to obey
obtenir to obtain
offrir to offer
ouvrir to open
palir to become pale
partir to leave
parvenir to reach a point of success
perir to perish
pourrir to rot
provenir to come from
punir to punish
raccourcir to shorten
ravir to ravish (amaze)
recouvrir to cover again
reflechir to reflect, think
refroidir to cool off
(se) rejouir to rejoice, look forward to
remplir to fill out
ressentir to feel (emotion)
reunir to reunite
reussir to succeed
rougir to blush
saisir to grab
sentir to smell
servir to serve
sortir to go out
souffrir to suffer
(se) souvenir to remember
soutenir to support
subir to undergo
tenir to hold
unir to unite
vetir to dress, clothe
vieillir to get old
apercevoir to see at a distnace
(s')asseoir to sit down
avoir to have
concevoir to conceive (fig)
emouvoir to affect emotionally
falloir to be necessary
Created by: redhousefarms