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Frequent French

250 Most Frequent French Terms

Le the; him, her, it, them
De of, from, some, any
Un a, an, one
à to, at, in
être to be; being
et and
en in, by
avoir to have
que that, which, who, whom
pour for, in order to
dans in, into, from
ce this, that
il he, it
qui who, whom
ne not
sur on, upon
se oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves
pas not; footstep
plus more, no more
pouvoir can, to be able to
par by
je I
avec with
tout all, very
faire to do, make
son his, her, its; sound; bran
mettre to put, place
autre other
on one, we
mais but
nous we, us
comme like, as
ou or
si if, whether
leur them, their, theirs
y there
dire to say
elle she, her
devoir to have to, owe; duty
avant before
deux two
même same, even, self
prendre to take
aussi too, also, as
celui that, the one, he, him
donner to give
bien well
fois time, times
vous you
encore again, yet
nouveau new
aller to go
cela that, it
entre between
premier first
vouloir to want
déjà already
grand great, big, tall
mon my
me me, to me, myself
moins less
aucun none, either, neither, not any
lui him, her
temps time
très very
savoir to know
falloir to take, require, need
voir to see
quelque some
sans without
raison reason
notre our
don’t whose, of which
non no, not
an year
monde world, people
jour day
monsieur mister, sir, gentleman
demander to ask for
alors then, so
après after
trouver to find
personne person, people, anybody, anyone, nobody
render to render, return, yield, give up
part share
dernier last
venir to come
pendant during; pendant
passer to pass
peu little
lequel who, whom, which
suite result, follow-up, rest
bon good
comprendre to understand
depuis since, for
point point; at all
ainsi thus
heure hour
rester to stay
seul alone, only
année year
toujours always
tenir to hold
porter to wear, carry
parler to speak
fort strong
montrer to show
there, here
certain certain, sure
fin end; gist; clever person
tu you
continuer to continue
pays country
trios three
penser to think
lieu place
partie part
quand when
suivre to follow
contre against
sous under
côté side
ensemble together
chose thing
enfant child
cause cause
politique politics; political
place room, space, square, place
seulement only
moi me
vie life
connaître to know
jusque to, up to, until
croire to believe
homme man
cas case
petit small, little
commencer to begin, start
compter to count
fait done, fact
tel such
droit right
question question
donc so, then, therefore, thus
quell which, what
general general
moment moment
entendre to hear
beaucoup much, a lot of, many
chaque each
jeune young
travail work
femme woman, wife
attendre to wait
remettre to deliver, replace, set, put
appeler to call
permettre to allow
occuper to occupy
gouvernement government
eux them
devenir to become
partir to leave
plan plan
decider to decide
soit either…or
ici here
rien nothing
cours course
affaire business, matter
nom name
famille family
effet effect
arriver to arrive, happen
possible possible
car because; bus
servir to serve
mois month
jamais never
sembler seem
tant so much, so many
vers toward; verse
besoin need
revenir to come back
dès from, as soon
moyen means, way; medium
groupe group
problème problem
rapport relationship, report
peut-être perhaps, maybe
vue view
maintenant now
pourquoi why
meilleur better, best
trop too much, too many
ordre order
devant in front, ahead
recevoir to receive
répondre to answer
vivre to live
long long, lengthy
service service
minister minister
chez at, with
te you, to you, from you
rappeler to recall, call back
presenter to present
accepter to accept
agir to act
simple simple
plusieurs several
votre your
important important
present present
mieux better
poser to put, pose, ask
jouer to play
mot word
reconnaître to recognize
force force
situation situation
offrir to offer
près near, nearby, close by
choisir to choose
national national
projet project
ni nor
puis then, so
toucher to touch
train train
aujourd’hui today
comment how
surtout especially, above all
gens people
proper clean, proper
grace thanks, grace, favour
idée idea
selon according to
region region
aimer to like, love
sens , meaning
retrouver to find, recall
semaine week
également also, too, as well, equally
ci one, here
façon way, manner
nombre number
perdre to lose
Created by: Pisteuomen
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