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-er verbs

abaisser to lower (phys)
abandonner to abandon
abimer to damage
accelerer to accelerate
accorder to grant
accoucher to deliver a baby
accrocher to hang up
accuser to accuse
adorer to adore
afficher to post, display (fig)
affirmer to affirm
affronter to confront
aimer to like
allumer to light
amuser to amuse
annuler to annul
apporter to bring
approvisioner to supply
arreter to stop
arriver to arrive
assister to atend
attirer to attract
attraper to catch, fetch
augmenter to increase
avaler to swallow
avancer to advance
avouer to admit, confess
baigner to bathe
baisser to lower (stat)
balayer to sweep
bloquer to block
blesser to hurt
bouder to pout
bouleverser to create chaos
bousculer to bump into
cacher to hide
calculer to calculate
calmer to calm
casser to break
causer to cause
cesser to cease
changer to change
chanter to sing
chasser to hunt, chase, kick out
chauffer to heat
chercher to look for
comparer to compare
compter to count
confirmer to confirm
considerer to consider
continuer to continue
corriger to correct
coucher to lie down
couper to cut
couter to cost
couler to flow
crier to scream
debarquer to disembark
dechirer to tear
decider to decide
declarer to declare
decorer to decorate
decouper to cut with scissors
decourager to discourage
demeurer to remain
demenager to move away
depasser to pass
depenser to spend
deranger to disturb
desirer to desire
dessiner to draw
detester to hate
discuter to discuss
distinguer to distinguish
dresser to stand up
echanger to exchange
echouer to fail
effacer to erase
effrayer to score
embarrasser to embarrasse
embrasser to kiss
emmener to take along
employer to employ
emprunter to borrow
enerver to annoy
enlever to remove
enregistrer to record
ennuyer to bore
enseigner to teach
entrainer to coach
envoyer to send
epouser to marry
esperer to hope
essayer to try
eveiller to wake up
eviter to avoid
exagerer to exagerate
expliquer to explain
exprimer to express
feliciter to congratulate
frapper to hit
fumer to smoke
gagner to win
gater to spoil
gener to hinder
glisser to slide
gouverner to govern
hesiter to hesitate
imposer to impose
indiquer to indiquate
irriter to irritate
inventer to invente
jeter to throw
jouer to play
jurer to swear
lancer to throw
laisser to leave be, let
lier to link
louer to rent
lutter to struggle
melanger to mix
montrer to show
nier to negate, deny
nettoyer to clean
observer to observe
occuper to occupy
organiser to organize
oser to dare
oublier to forget
pardonner to pardon, forgive
penser to think
persuader to persuade
peser to weigh
pleurer to cry
posseder to possess
profiter to profit
protester to protest
proteger to protect
quitter to leave
raconter to tell
ranger to put away
rassurer to reassure
realiser to realise, make something
recompenser to award
regretter to regret
regarder to watch
remarquer to note, notice
rencontrer to encounter, meet
renseigner to inform
respirer to breathe
rever to dream
sauter to jump
sembler to seem
signifier to signify
soigner to heal
souffler to blow
supporter to withstand, bear
surveiller to keep watch, survey
tarder to be late
temoigner to testify
tenter to attempt
tousser to cough
traverser to cross
trembler to tremble
trouer to punch a hole in
tuer to kill
user to use
verifier to verify
verser to pour
vider to empty
voyager to travel
Created by: redhousefarms
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