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The Explorers Game

What country first sent an explorer westward? Spain
What country claimed the land along the east coast of the present-day United States? England
What does latitude measure? The distances north or south of the equator
What term means the renewal of learning and culture in Western Europe? Renaissance
What European country colonized Central America and much of South America? Spain
In what period of time did European explorers sail to North and South America? Age of Exploration
What invention helped the Europeans establish colonial empires in the New World? guns, new weapons using gunpowder
What does longitude measure? Distance east or west of the Prime Meridian
Where was gunpowder invented? China
When was gunpowder invented? In the 1200s
What invention made it possible to arrange individual letters and print pages inexpensibly and quickly? Movable type
What navigation instrument was used to determine a ship's position at sea? astrolab
What European country first colonized the Mississippi River Valley? France
What European was credited with inventing the printing press with movable type? Johannes Gutenberg
When did the Age of Exploration begin? In the 1400s
What explorer claimed Brazil for Portugal? Pedro Cabral
What group helped to make more accurate maps? explorers
What were some things which led to the Age of Discovery? compass, rudder, more accurate maps, movable type printing press, gunpowder, astrolabe
For whom is America named? Amerigo Vespucci
What explorer led to the establishment of Spanish colonies in the West Indies? Christopher Columbus
Which European country was first in its exploration of North America---France or England? England with John Cabot in 1497
What group first came to North America about 1000? Vikings
By the year 1550, what country had the largest empire in the New World? Spain
Created by: marthell