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Chapter 3 Test

Notes for History test on Chapter 3

The Spanish king and queen supported which explorer's expedition? Columbus
Which explorer led the first expedition to sail around the world? Magellan
Which explorer was the first European to reach the Pacific Ocean? Balboa
Jacques Cartier and Henry Hudson were both searching for what? the Northwest Passage
Which explorer realized first that Columbus and Cabot hadn't reached the Indies? Vespucci
Which explorer sailed for England and landed in modern-day Canada? Cabot
Which explorer was the first to sail west across the Atlantic Ocean on his way to the Indies? Columbus
Which explorer claimed land for Spain in what is now Florida? Ponce de Leon
Which explorer claimed land for Spain in what is now the southwestern United States? Coronado
Which explorer claimed land for France along the St. Lawrence River? Cartier
Which explorer claimed land for the Dutch in what is today New York? Hudson
Which explorer claimed land for Spain in what is now the southeastern United States? de Soto
Planning and following a route... Navigation
A trip taken in order to explore... Expedition
Scientific knowledge and tools... Technology
A person who runs their own business... Entrepreneur
Spanish word for "flowery"... Florida
To rebel against a leader... Mutiny
Spanish soldiers who "conquered"... Conquistadors
The name given to land conquered for Spain in the New World... New Spain
Which explorer traveled to Asia on land and later wrote a book about his travels? Marco Polo
The land route to Asia... Silk Road
What did Gutenberg invent that allowed more Europeans to read Marco Polo's book? the printing press
What did German mapmakers who drew the "new world" for the first time name it? America
Which explorer was looking for the Fountain of Youth? Ponce de Leon
Which explorer was looking for the Seven Cities of Gold? Coronado
Who began the Reformation in the European churches? Martin Luther
Which explorer named the Pacific Ocean? Magellan
Which explorer discovered the Mississippi River? de Soto
What was the Northwest Passage? A water route through the New World that European explorers thought would be a shortcut to the Indies. It didn't exist.
What advantages did Cortes have when conquering the Aztecs? Cortes and his men had horses, metal armor, and better weapons, like guns and swords. The Aztecs only had wooden clubs and leather strips instead of armor.
Created by: andreamalloy