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Greece: Act 1

History Notes

Who were the Minonas The earliest civilization of Greece.
What time period did the Minonas live? 1660 -1400 BC
Where did the Minonas live? The were centered on the island of Crete
What was the name of the island the Minonas live on? Crete
What kind of jobs did the Minonas have? Sea traders on the Aegean Sea
Who were the 2 original groups of greeks? Minonas and myceneans
Wwere did the mycenaens live? on the mainland of Greece
What time period did the Mycenaens live 1600-1200 BC
The Mycenaens lived in the city of? Mycenea
What did the walls of Mycenae look like? 10 ft thick!
Who were the Mycenaens at war with? The city of Troy in Asia Minor - a 20 year war
Origin of the Greeks were descendents of? Japheth's son Javan
What year began the Dark Ages? 1200 BC
What marked the beginning of the Dark Ages? The invasion of the Darians from the north.
When did the Dark Ages end? The Dark Ages ended in the 700's BC
What time period ended with the writings of Homer? The Dark Ages
Homer and Greek Mythology: When did Homer live? Lived in the 700's BC.
Where did Homer live? Homer lived on the Island of Crete or the city of Smyrna
What were the 2 poems of Greek Mythology? Iliad and Odyssey
Where did the Gods live? Mount _________
Who was Zeus? Zeus was the king of the gods
What were the names of the gods associated with the powers of nature? Apollo = sun Poseidon= sea Artemis = moon
Each god had individual human personalities - they were simply what? gods were simply glorified human beings
What were heros? Heros were glorified human beings.
Heros were mortals and less powerful than who? Heros were less powerful than gods.
Who were the great warriors of Greek Mythology? Achilles and Odysseus
Rise of the Greek City - State Families joined together to form what? Families join together to form Villages
Villiages joined together to form what? Villages joined together to form the "Polis" or city-state
What is the greek name for marketplace? agora
The Acropolis surrounded by the typical polis was the seat of what? Religion and Government
Most city-states included what 2 things? a gymnasium and an amphitheater
There were over (how many) city states in ancient Greece? 100
True or False: Each plis was separate from one another? True
What separated each of the cities-states from one another? Geographically by mountains, lack of rivers and no irrigation projects.
Greek Unity: What did the Greeks have a common love for? Sports!
What kinds of sports did the Greeks participate in? Running, wresstling, and spear - discus throwing
How often were the Olympic Games played? Every 4 years
What year were the first Olympic games played? 776
The Greeks had an appreciation for what 4 things? BEAUTY found in art; architecture, athletes and obsession with physical perfection.
Monarchy means what? Rule by ONE
Aristocracy = Rule by the "BEST"
Oligarchy Rule by a few rather than one or many
In a Monarchy, the heads of the families considered themselves to be equal to who? The king!
Monarchy can lead to rejection of the king...true or false? True....the king can be a bad king and the people reject him.
In an Aristocracy, Family heads as a group and began to rule the cities rejecting "one man rule" or what kind of government? Greeks became the first people in world history to reject one man rule(Monarchy)
Rule by the "best" Aristocracy
Rule by One Monarchy
Rule by a few Oligarchy
What was the most important military force called? The calvary
The calvary was the most import military force, true or false? True, the calvary was the most important military force in the greek government.
The Wealthy Aristocrates purchased their own equipment to be what? Soldiers in the Calvary.
Rich greeks were a part of what military force? The Calvary
Poor greeks were a part of what military force? The navy
Trade helped more greeks become wealthy which leads to more calvary soldiers. Why? The soldiers had to purchase their own equipment so only the wealthy could afford to be in the calvary.
what is a bad form of "one man rule"? Tyranny
Why was tyranny bad? Tyranny encouraged hatred between the rich and the poor and pretended to be a protector of the poor but really were not.
Tyrannistic leaders were only interested in their own good and were selfish...true or false True?
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