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1st Six Weeks Review

What is planting a garden, building a shed and paving a road? Modifying and adapting to your environment
Why do people vote and pay taxes? Responsibilities of United States citizen
What are traditions, holidays, food, language, art, dress, government ? Parts of a culture
What are examples of secondary sources? Movies and textbooks
What is a market economy? It is an economy driven by the forces of supply and demand.
What is a traditional society? A society in which communities use primitive tools and methods to harvest and hunt for food and rely on their environment for survival
Why is the US government based on a system of checks and balances? To prevent any one branch of the government from having too much influence and power
What does a geographer study? how "where" people live affects "how" they live
What are the 5 Themes of Geography location, place, region, human environment interaction and movement
Where is California? West coast of the United States
What is an economist? Someone who studies how people choose to use resources, goods and services.
What is the Quartering Act? Colonist were forced to feed and house the British soldiers
Who helped the Pilgrims by teaching them to hunt and plant crops? Native American Indians
What are the 3 branches of our government? Executive, Judicial and Legislative
Which of the colonies built ships? New England Colonies
Who was the commander of the American Army during the Revolutionary War? George Washington
What do the Bill of Rights provide for American citizens? certain protections under the law and rights
What are the reasons the colonist come to America? freedom of religion and persecution, land, and ways to make a living
Who said "No taxation without Representation"? Thomas Payne
What did the Declaration of Independence do for the colonist? Told the British they no longer wanted to be a British colony.
Why do we trade with oil rich countries? Because we use more oil than we produce in America.
Do all cultures have their own language? Yes
Are your rights more important than someone else rights? No, you must respect the rights of others.
Who limits the US government? The citizens
What is tyranny? Total control by the government
What is an entrepreneur? Takes a chance on a new company or product.
What is a secondary industry? Uses resources to make new products
Is eye color part of a culture? Eye color is genetic not cultural
What is a sixth graders most important civic duty? Getting an education
Who wrote the majority of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Created by: lmelbourn
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