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French - Chapter 5

French For Reading (Sandburg) Vocabulary - Chapter 5

venir v., to come
partir v., to leave
sortir v., to go out
tomber v., to fall
mourir v., to die
rester v., to remain
retourner v., to go back, return
naître v., to be born
rentrer v., to re-enter, to go back, to return home
revenir v., to come back
devenir v., to become
heureusement adv., fortunately
après-midi n., afternoon
matin n., morning
nuit n., night
vers prep., toward
malheureusement adv., unfortunately
essayer v., to try
diriger v., to lead, to conduct, to direct
chercher v., to look for, to look to
recherche n., research
aller v., to go
apparaître v., to appear + ètre stresses action of appearing + avoir stresses the state of appearing
lors de id., at the time of, during
disparaître v., to disapper
donner naissance a id. + v., give birth to
à partir de id., starting with, from the time of
pouvoir v., can, able to
vouloir v., to want
dire v., to say
au moins adv., at least
constater v., to note, record, ascertain, certify
argent n., money
ton pron., your
huit num., eight
votre, vôtre pron., your
grace â id., thanks to, because of
vol n., flight
que conj., that
le comportement n., the behavior
mesurer v., to measure
rapporter v., to bring back, to report
parfaitement adv., perfectly
supporter v., to endure, to bear, to tolerate
voler v., to fly
au cours de id., in the course of
peser v., to weigh
la pesanteur n., weight
semblable adv., similar
projeter v., to project, to plan
maintenant adv., now
jusqu'à adv., until, as far as, up to the time of
avancer v., to move forward, to advance
presque adv., almost
avenir n., future
fort, e adv., very (like tres)
entraîner v., to entail
indiquer v., to point out, to indicate
mal adv., badly, poorly
croire v., to believe
surs adj., sure
effectuer v., to carry out, to make, to execute effectuer s'_____ = to be carried out, to be made, to be done, to be executed
pourtant adv., nevertheless
vaincre v., to defeat, conquer, vanquish
tuer v., to kill
puis adv., then
combien de id., to combine
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