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French - Chapter 4

French For Reading (Sandburg) Vocabulary - Chapter 4

lumière n., light
agir v., to act
la puissance n., power
l'eau n., water
réussir a id., to succeed in
fournir v., to furnish
définir v., to define
ne . . . pas negative
fermement adv., firmly
brillamment adv., brilliantly
prétendre v., to maintain, to claim
imputable adj., attributable
dégager v., to give off, to emit
leur pron., their
au dehors id. + prep. phr., to the outside, outward
refouler v., to cause, to drive, to force back
cependant adv., however
contredire v., to contradict
connaître v., to be familiar with, to be acquainted with, to know
son, ses pron., his
eu v., had (past part. of avoir)
reconnaître v., to recognize
écrire v., to write
ei-dessus adv., above
montrer v., to show
éclairer v., to enlighten, to cast light
convaincant, e adj., convincing
convaincre v., to convince
exposer v., to exhibit, to show, to set forth, to display
expliquer v., to explain
dernier, -ière adv., last, latest, final
laisser v., to leave
pour prep., for, in order to
un confrère n., a colleague
accueillir v., to receive
décrire v., to describe
donner v., to give
durer v., to last
entrer v., to enter, to go in, to come in
voir v., to see
résumer v., to summarize
produire v., to produce
contenir v., to contain
fumer v., to smoke
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