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French - Chapter 3

French For Reading (Sandburg) Vocabulary - Chapter 3

communément avd., commonly
un fait n., a fact
suis adj., sure, aware
courant, e adj., common
(etre) en train de id., to be in the process of
(etre) au courant de id., to be aware of, to be conversant with
(etre) d'accord avec id., to be in agreement with
ces pron., these
aussi adv., also
la vérité n., the truth
vrai adj., true
mais conj., but
d'ailleurs adv., moreover
neanmoins adv., nonetheless
peut-être adv., perhaps
découvrir v., to discover
une découverte n., a discovery
c'est pron. + v., it is
un appareil n., an apparatus
avoir v., to have
Il ya a id., there is, there are
chose n., thing
qui adv., who, that, which
selon adv., according to
un arbre n., tree
tant det., so many
assez det., enough, quite, quite a bit of, quite a few
trop det., too, too many, too much
moins det., less, fewer
beaucoup det., many, much
bien det., many, very
plusieurs det., several
quelques det., some, a few
plupart det., most (of)
comporter v., to entail, involve, include
connu adj. or n., known
(un) peu adj. + adv., little, slightly, Peu de = few, little
frais n., costs
souvent adv., often
commander v., to order
manger v., to eat
arrete v., to stop, to arrest
donner v., to give
dont rel. pron., which, whose
quand adv., when
comme adv., like, as
donc adv., therefore
dont adv., of which, whose
vieux, vieille adj., old
(avoir) faim id., to be hungry
(avoir) soif id., to be thirsty
(avoir) chaud id., to be warm
(avoir) peur de id., to be afraid of
(avoir) besoin de id., to be in need of, to need
(avoir) raison id., to be right
(avoir) tort id., to be wrong
parce adv., because
apporter v., to bring
le soir n., evening
d'habitude adv., habitually, regularly
parfoir adv., sometimes
raison adj., right
tort adj., wrong
seulement adv., only, solely
fonder v., to found, establish
donné, e v., to give
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