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5 Strands of SS

Important standards and ideas related to the 5 strands of social studies

The study of earth geography
A record of the past history
The trading of goods and services; a system of trade economics
The people and groups within a society that have the authority to make laws, to make sure laws are carried out, and that disputes about them are settled. government
The beliefs, customs, laws, art, and ways of living of a group of people culture
document, person, or object from the actual time or event (first-hand knowledge) primary source
document, person, or object that interprets or analyzes primary sources (second-hand knowledge) secondary source
Features that make a site unique place
The way people change or work with their surroundings human-environment interaction
The exact point on earth where something can be found (ex. latitude/longitude, address) absolute location
The position of one site in relation to another (_____ is "NEAR" or "NEXT TO" ____.) relative location
going from one place to another movement
a group of place that can be grouped together because they have something in common region
vertical lines that run NORTH and SOUTH on a map but are measured EAST and WEST of the prime meridian lines of longitude
parallel lines that run EAST and WEST on a map but are measured NORTH and SOUTH of the equator lines of latitude
the line of latitude (0 degrees)that runs around the center of the earth and from which all other lines of latitude are measured equator
the line of longitude (0 degrees) from which all other lines of longitude are measured prime meridian
A government where political official are elected by the people to represent them for a certain term in a public office (a gov't of the people, for the people, by the people) democracy
type of government where there is one leader ONLY that has total control over the government, the military, and the citizens in the country totalitarianism
government where one political group takes control of the government in a country and keeps that control over its citizens communism
large land mass that is usually home to many countries continent
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