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Indentured servants came to Georgia for this valuable plant to send back to England. Tobacco
Rules and laws assigned to the colonists by Oglethorpe and other trustees. Regulations
A peruke maker, an apothecary, a miller, and a surveyor are called... Artisans
A person or group of people who represent another person legally. Trustee
The first city in the Georgia colony. Savannah
The number of days it took for the voyage from London to the New World. 88
The chief who gave Oglethorpe the land for the first English settlement in Geaorgia. Tomochichi
What neither trustees or colonists could own, it all belonged to the king. Land
The tree the trustees promised to plant in order to provide the raw materials for England. Mulberry trees
The four groups of people Oglethorpe did not want in the Geaorgia colony... Catholics, Africans, Liquor dealers, and lawyers.
The year the charter was granted and the year Oglethorpe landed in the Georgia colony. 1732-1733
The number of years the king promised the trustees to handle the colony of Georgia? 21
A trade policy that called for balanced trade and the need for raw materials to be sent back to the motherland. Mercantilism
A citizen army. Militia
The group of people Oglethorpe wanted to help with the new colony. The poor but worthy
The bluff that Tomochichi gave Oglethorpe to settle. Yamacraw bluff
The name of the ship that carried the first people to Georgia. The Ann
He/she works for someone for a set period of time in exchange for a passage to the New World. Indentured servant.
Oglethorpe's friend who died in debtor's prison. Robert Castel
A person with no rights or privileges who is seen as property of another. Slave
The interpreter for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi. Marry Musgrove
Two important rivers that laid boundaries for the colony of Georgia. Altamaha and Savannah
The king who gave permission for the Georgia colony. King George II
The artisan who kept a journal providing us with the earliest view of life in colonial Savannah. Peter Gordon
The first fort built in Georgia around 1721. Ft. King George
Ultimately the trustees answered to this person... King George II
The number of trustees who were granted the charter to start a colony in Georgia... 21
The primary religion of the new colony of Georgia... Protestant/ Anglican
What the king wanted Georgia to become in order to protect the settled and productive Carolina's... A buffer
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