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Blood Cells SG

Blood Cells

Where do red blood cells and platelets solely work? In the vasculature
Describe the role of platelets Platelets police vasculature to find rips in endothelial lining. They plug up the site.
How does leukocyotes use the vasculature? Use it to make their way to site of action. Look for bacterium putting out hemo-attractants.
When does the level of neutrophils increase? When there is bacterial infections. They phagocytize the bacterium.
What are the three layers of the blood vessel? Tunica intima, endothelial layer and connective tissue
Where are RBC's located at peak of blood flow? Center of the vessel
Describe the term cytopenia Decrease in number
Cytosis Excess
Describe thrombasthenia Normal number of platelet cells but they are defective. Wrap integrin molecule so they can't aggregate.
What does a CBC test look for? Looking at complete blood count
Do you get a fibrin clot when you block coagulation? No
What are the three layers when you spin blood in a tube? RBC's on the bottom, Plasma is the top yellow coat. Buffy coat in between RBC and plasma cells
What does the buffy coat contain? WBC's and platelets
What does plasma cells contain? Water is majority. Proteins: Albumin, Globulin, Fibrinogen, Complement and Electrocytes
True or False: Red blood cells have a nucleus False. They were extruded during maturation. only hemoglobin left
Describe the role of spectrin Links to sites of protein on plasma membrane. Important in maintaining RBC shape. If destroyed then RBC cells become spherical and lose disc shape.
What is hereditary elifocytosis Defect in band 4.1 of spectrin
If you have N-actely galactosamine what blood type are you? Type A
If you have galactose what blood cell type are you? Type B
What type of cells is IgE associated with? Basophils and mast cells
What happens when moncytes escape into the underlying tissue? They transform into macrophages
List macrophages derived from a blood monocyte Kupffer Cell: Liver. Osteoclasts: Bone. Microglial: Brain. Langerharn: Skin.
What do all antigen presenting cells have? MHCII
What is the first cell that goes forth during an inflammatory response? Neutrophil
What is the goal of neutrophils in response to bacteria? To phagocytize tissue debris
What do primary specific granules do? Fuse with the bacterium
What happens when bacterial cells send out a chemoattractant? Signals endothelial cells to start changing activating intergins, Increasing adhesion causes neutrophils to stop rolling and make its way through the junction.
Describe chemotaxis The neutrophil makes its way to the bacteria
Describe opsonization The coating of the foreign particle with proteins that will be recognized by neutrophils. Antibodies and complement factor are in the coat.
How do neutrophils recognize the antibody and complement? It has a Fc receptor which triggers to phagocytize the bacteria
When IgE coats allergens what response does this trigger? Basophils and mast cells to secrete histamine and heparin sulfate
What cell is associated with IgG? Neutrophils



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