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unit 1

Civics n Economics

civics the study of government
common good the welfare of society and all the people as a whole
anorchy when there is no gov or laws
direct democracy gov in which each citizen is actually part
republic/Representative gov in which citizens elect representative
monarchy gov in which the leader is a queen or a king
dictator ship gov in which only one person rules /Hitler
keep order and protect help people 3 functions of government
state national local 3 levels of government
USA territory a resident parent 2 ways of been a born a US citizen
illegal alien a person that doesn't have proper documentation
alien non citizen
vote, run for office, be president 3 things alien cant do
uscis agency that deals with emigration
naturalization process to be come a us citezien
melting pot become one
salad bowl cultures dont mix
discrimination denying opportunity judging on prejudice groups
unum more than one
tolerant acepthing differences
migration moving north to south
service jobs like a bus driver
eduction/more money increase in technical jobs
Hispanic largest minority
scenes getting info of population
duty required to do
responsibility something you should do
Created by: K.O.K