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unit 1

civic the study of government and citizenship.
common good the welfare of society and all the people as a whole.
anarchy when there is no government and no laws.
republic government in which citizens elect respresentatives to make decisions.
monarchy government in which the leader is a king or queen.
dictatorship government in which one person rules and gives citizen little freedom.
theocrchy government in which citizen are ruled by a religious leader.
municipal another word for city.
protection,roads,school what are 2 fuctions of government.
national,state,local what are 3 levels of government.
born on u.s soil,born to u.s parents 2 ways to be born a u.s citizen.
alien another word for non-citizen.
illegal alien a person who is in the u.s and does not have the proper documentation.
U.S.C.I.S agency in the u.s that deals with immigration.
naturilzation process an immigrant goes through to become an us american citezen
diversity another word for "differnt"
melting pot say that society is more united when everyone puts aside cultural differnt to become one.
salad bowl says the society is better when people keep cultural differnces and do not blend into one.
discrimination denying opportunites to someone who is qualifyed based on prejudicial of certaon groups
e pluribus unum latin phrase that is tralated "out of many one"
tolerant accepting differences in people.
migration americans are moving north to south,east to west, and from city to suburbs.
sevice job more jobs in america today are this kind of job insted of manufacturing.
more education, more $ what does the increase in technical jobs in the u.s mean to you.
hispanic largest and fastest growing minority in the u.s today.
cencus counting and getting information about the population.
duty something that a u.s citizen is required to do.
reponsibility something a citizen should do.
pay taxes,obey the law,draft,attend school,serve in court list 5 duties of americans citizen.
apathy an attitude in which
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