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Vesicular Traffickin

Vesicular Trafficking

Describe cargo specific endocytosis There are specific receptors for ligands to bind. Conformation change foor adaptin to bind. Clathrin binds and vesicle is separated from PM. Cell uncoats
Describe non-specific endocytosis Does not require specific receptor. SAR in the RER. A coat can form around vesicle (not clathrin) Whatever happens to be around will be in vesicle
What are the 2 conformations SAR can exist as? SAR-GTP and SAR GDP
Describe SAR GTP. SAR GDP SAR has fatty acid tail out. SAR GDP has tail buried
What causes transformation of SAR GTP to SAR GDP? GTPase activity in the SAR small G-protein has to be activated. GAP (GTP activating protein) hydrolyses GTP to GDP
How do you convert SAR GDP to GTP? GEP(GTP exchanging protein)
How is the vesicle uncoated using SAR GAP? SAR GAP is activated when the vesicle forms and it goes to GDP form and the tail retracts and the SAR falls off
SAR in the RER is analogous to what in the Golgi? ARF
How does RAB participate in targeting vesicles? RAB is a small G protein. There are RAB effectors in the kinesin/dynesin complex. Need RAB to know where to go.
What 2 forms does RAB exist in? RAB GTP and RAB GDP (Similar pathway as SAR)
Is RAB the only protein needed in vesicle targeting? No, Need SNARE. A V-SNARE and T-SNARE
True or False. RAB effector and T-SNARE are located on the vesicular membrane False. They are located on the target protein
Where is teh RAB and V-SNARE located? On the vesicle
After RAB is released and recycled what happens to the vesicle? It fuses with the target membrane.
About how many SNAREs are on the vesicles? 40-60 SNAREs
What role does NSF play a role in vesicular fusion? It is an enzyme complex that will unwind SNAREs to be recycled. NSF is a chaperone
True or False. Proteins in the plasma membrane will have longer transmembrane region than ones in the RER True. Because the membrane is getting thicker and thicker
When are neurotransmitters released? When the vesicle fuses. Neurotransmitters are regulated by electrical signaling that will tell by depolarization of the membrane
Describe the role of synaptotagmin Regulatory protein that binds to SNARE complex acting as a brake. It inhibits the process of winding of the SNAREs
How is synaptotagmin released from the SNARE? After depolarization calcium rushes in and binds to synapatotagmin
How is insulin a regulated secretion? Insulin is released only when glucose is high. Glucose causes ATP to rise an K+ channels binds the ATP so it can open causing depolarization. Ca2+ channels open and binds to synaptotagmin



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