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Discovered America

Who Really Discovered America video

Chinese Explorer around 1421 AD Zheng He
Evidence of Zheng He's voyage to America Journals, Ancient map, Limestone Bridge, correct vessel
Chinese explorer around 455 AD Wang Chen
evidence of Wang Chen's voyage to America journals, stone anchors
explorer from Wales around 1150 AD Prince Madoc
Legend says Madoc's people mixed with which Indian tribe. the Mandan Tribe
In what year did Polynesian voyagers set sail for America? 1000AD
evidence of Polynesian's landing in the Americas include...? chickens in SA, sweet potatoes in Polynesia (including the name), boats with Polynesian engineering in CA.
Around 1000 AD Scandinavia sent a voyager named? Leif Erikson
Leif Erickson was known as a ...? Viking
evidence that the Vikings were in America before Columbus include... the Norse Penny, Butternut Trees in America, Kensington Runestone found in MN.
Around 530AD Europe was considered to be in the "_____________ ______________". Dark Ages
Around 530AD the Irish sent out a voyager named...? St. Brenden
Who said, "I go to find the land of St. Brenden"? Christopher Columbus
Evidence that St. Brenden reached America include... Stone chambers in Conneticut, religious symbols, journals including descriptions of sheep and volcanoes,
Around 600BC what man from Israel came to America? Lee Hi
The theory about Lee Hi says that one of the Lost tribes of Israel mixed with which Native American tribe? Cherokee
evidence that ancient Israelis came to America include Paleo-Hebrew writings on stone (10 commandments)
Voyagers from Kyushu, an island in Japan brought to America virus strain causing Leukemia and pottery
Evidence is strongest that which group was the first to come to America? Polynesians
The first white men to reach the New Worlds were... The Vikings
The Vikings originated from which countries? Denmark, Norway, Sweden
The most famous Viking Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson came to America around what year? 1000AD
Military expedition sent by the Pope to capture the Holy Land Crusades
Turks during the Crusades were terrorizing which people Christians
Two things gained from the Crusades by the Europeans Ability to build better ships and make better maps
Who wrote a book that caused the Europeans to be more interested in the East Marco Polo
How many routes were used to get products from the East back to Europe? 3
All the routes used to bring products from the east went through what two Italian cities? Venice and Genoa
Who started a school to train sea captains? Prince Henry of Portugal
Who was the first explorer to reach the tip of South Africa? Bartolomeau Dias
Who was the Portuguese explorer that sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and on to India? Vasco de Gama
Who was the sailor that thought there was a shorter route to Asia? Christopher Columbus
Who provided the sailors and the ships for Columbus' journey? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
Where did Columbus land first San Salvador Island
Created by: djhoyt123