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Chapter 15

Social Studies 7th Grade Chapter 15

Economy Foundation of wealth
Political/Politics Thoughts,behaviors,and or reltions based on power
Generaliztion a simple statment or idea made from infering
Culture way of life
-ism a strong belifs
Capitlaize to take advantage of a situation using what an individual has/owns
Mercantile goverment owned trade
Conquistador Spanish, soldier who conquered early Native American villages
Caravel A small, fast and hevalily armed portuguesse ship
Lateen triangular shaped sail used to navigate directly into the wind
Columbian Extange the sharing of goods and ideas with all continents;all started with Columbus's trip to the america's
Imperialism a strong belif that stronger nations should control weaker nations to build empires
Raw Materials Reacources used to make finished products
Cash Crops crops grown to be sold rather than be use by the farmer. (ex. surgar cane/ rice)
Colony a weak land controlled by goverment
Settler Colony a distant land made by of one or more lived in in farms and is controlled by goverment
Plantation Colony large land used to grow cash crops
Trading Post Colony largly unsettled area of land along which goods of all kind are made/ and or extanged
Mother Country a strong nation that controlls a weaker one
Capital money or other items of value used to increase wealth
Capititalism (free market economy)a strong belif in private ownership and control of the methods and materials of trade and production
Mercantalism (goverment economy) a strong belif in goverment ownership and control of the methods and materials of trade and production
Isolationism a strong belif that one country should be seperate form others
Triangular Trade Route path of extange between Europe, Africa, and the Americas
Middle Passage slave trade route from Africa to the Americas
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