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Mrs D American Rev.

Grade 7 Social Studies

What is the significance of the Magna Carta for the American Revolution. The document, written in 1215 AD/CE by the British noblemen took power away from the king. It helped give our founding fathers the idea that we could be free.
What did the thinkers or philosophers think was important? English freedoms needed a balance of power divided between the King, nobility and commoners.
Who was John Locke? A British philosopher who believed that a government is good if the people have a say in the government.
What did Jean Jacques Rousseau write that helped to influence the American fight for freedom? The Social Contract
How did Sir Issac Newton help shape the ideas of American freedom? His work helped people understand that the world was run be measurable forces and was not a mystery. It helped people change their view of the world.
Who was the writer that questioned the British King and said that it was "Common Sense" that America should separate from Britain? Thomas Paine
What is the name of the religious movement that put forth the idea that all people were equal? The Great Awakening of 1739.
How did the English use the Mercantilism Theory to benefit themselves economically? The British used the theory to explain why they should control imports and exports from the colonies to make themselves more money.
What controls did the Navigation Act create? The transport of goods from the colonies, the trade of goods from the colonies and the exportation of sugar, tobacco and cotton wool.
What was the Molasses Act of 1733 supposed to do for Britain? Increase the sale of sugar from the British West Indies and decrease trade with the French.
Why did the Molasses Act not work? Sugar, molasses and rum were easily smuggled into the colonies from cheaper producers.
Why was the French and Indian War fought? It was a war over territory in the Ohio Valley between the English and the French.
What was the result of the French and Indian War? British won, France gave up the land east of the Mississippi and the land west of the Mississippi was given to Spain.
How did the French and Indian War relate to the American Revolution? The cost of the French and Indian war was put on the colonists by the British in the form of taxes that seemed unfair.
What was the Proclamation of 1763? A royal decree that said American colonists could not create settlements west of the Appalachian Mountains because the Indians owned that land.
What was the effect on the economy from the Sugar Act of 1764? Sales went down on sugar, wine, coffee and calico cloth because people did not want to pay the tax.
What products did the Stamp Act of 1765 affect? Legal documents, licenses, newspapers, publications and playing cards.
How was the Stamp Act different from the other taxes created before it? Colonists viewed the tax on goods produced in America, not just on imports and exports.
Who created the Stamp Act Resolve in 1765 that circulated the idea that American colonists had the same rights as the British and the colonists should be able to vote on taxes? Patrick Henry
What does the word repeal mean? To cancel or take back.
What items were taxed as part of the Townshend Acts? Glass, oil, lead, paints, paper and tea.
Why did the British begin occupying the town of Boston in 1768? Because the townspeople were getting angry and hostile over the new taxes.
What is a boycott? When an area/country refuses to buy goods from another area/country in protest. The result is meant to be economic hardship for the country trying to sell its goods.
If only 5 people were killed why was the attack on the colonists in Boston in 1770 called a "massacre"? Colonists, like Paul Revere and Sam Adams, wanted to get people mad at the British so they chose that word to help get the colonists on the side of the Patriots.
What event occurred on Dec. 16, 1773? The Boston Tea Party
When the colonists tossed the tea into Boston Harbor, what was the consequence from Britain? The Intolerable Acts of 1774.
Which Act began the process of quartering (housing British soldiers in the homes of the colonists)? The Intolerable Acts of 1774.
What was the accomplishment of the 1st Continental Congress? Delegates met from almost every state (except Georgia) and worked together for the first time to create a list of grievances to give to King George III.
What were the accomplishments of the 2nd Continental Congress? Organized the defense of the colonies and created/adopted the Declaration of Independence.
Who were the Sons of Liberty? Secret groups of Patriots who fought against taxes.
Who's side was Benedict Arnold on? He began as a colonel on the side of the American colonists but switched to the side of the British before the end of the war.
Who fist headed the British army? General Thomas Gage
What two foreign born men used their skill to help the American army? The Marquis de Lafayette and the Baron von Stueben.
Who rode out to warn his country men that the British had landed and were prepared to fight? Paul Revere
Which Patriot, prior to his death said," I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"? Nathan Hale
Who was the creator of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the British officer who surrendered to the Americans in Yorktown? General Cornwallis
Who gave the famous speech "...give me liberty, or give me death"... Patrick Henry
Who was the General of the American troops (and one day, will be our first President)? George Washington
Who was the first person killed in as part of the Boston Massacre? Crispus Attucks
Why was the American Revolution a first of its kind? It was the first time a colony fought to get away from its mother country.
What was the first battle of the American Revolution? The Battle of Lexington and Concord.
Who was quoted as saying that the Battles of Lexington & Concord had the "shot heard round the world" Ralph Waldo Emerson
What were the British looking for in Concord, MA? Gun powder and weapons that were supposedly hid there.
Who won the Battle of Bunker Hill? The British made it to "the top" and the Americans ran out of ammunition and had to retreat, but the British suffered over double the casualties.
Which document of our country has the phrase..."we have the unalienable Rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"? The Declaration of Independence which was adopted on July 4, 1776.
Why was the Battle of Trenton important to the cause of the American Revolution? It helped to boost the moral of the soldiers because they beat the Hessian soldiers.
What happened at the Battle of Saratoga? The plan the British had to take the Hudson River area failed because one British General did not head to the area and another got caught up in other fights. The Americans won and this helped to convince the French that they should help us out.
Which battle was considered a "turning point" in the war? The Battle of Saratoga.
Where was the final battle of the Revolution fought? Yorktown, Virginia
What is a treaty? A formal agreement reached between two countries.
Why was the treaty that ended the American Revolution called the Treaty of Paris? The treaty was signed in Paris, France in 1783.
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