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Georgia colony

notes about the colonization of georgia

what year did Tomochichi die? 1739
what happened the same year Tomochichi died? (1739) Britain declared war on Spain
when did the first colonists arrive in Yamacraw Bluff? 1733
What year did the trustees vote to allow slavery in Georgia? 1750
was Oglethorpe in Georgia when slavery was allowed? No
when did the trustees give up the charter and make Georgia a royal colony? 1752
the THREE purposes of Georgia's charter? charity, economics, defense
what was the fourth reason for Georgia's creation, which was not stated in the charter? religion
who did England see the new American colony as a home for? protestants that were being prosecuted in Europe
the Anglian Church, a Protestant church, was the church of what country? the Church of England
what was the official church of Spain and France? Roman Catholic
Did Georgia's charter impose an official church for the colony? No, the people coming to Georgia would be able to worship as they pleased
Why did the charter's guarantee of freedom of religion specifically exclude Catholics? because of the threat of the Spanish Florida to the south
What river was selected as Georgia's northern boundary? the Savannah River, because South Carolina had no settlements south of the river
What river was chosen as the southern border for Georgia? the Altamaha River
what are the 7 states that would be a part of Georgia if the old map was still used? California, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona
what kind of colony was Virginia? joint-stock
what kind of colony was South Carolina? royal
why was Georgia a unique colony? (in the first two decades) no one owned Georgia;it was England's only colony in America to be governed by trustees
what did Georgia's charter name? that James Oglethorpe and 20 other British men will be trustees. they would be responsible for managing Georgia for the next 21 years
what was the creation of georgia supposed to be? a social experiment
what did the trustees want to avoid? conditions that led to poverty & other probs in England. wanted it to be a model society
what was the key to having a model society according to the trustees? 1. strict rules on land and work 2. carefully selected colonists
how did they raise money? they had a series of pamphlets, speeches, and newspapers to encourage it
how many families were selected for the colony? 35 families
and the trustees made sure that among the families there were no debtors
what did the Trustees give the families? land on which to live & work,weapons,tools, seed,and food
what did the families do in return after they were given all those things? they cleared lands, built houses, and public stuctures
how many figures of people are on the Colonial Georgia seal? 3 people
what ship did Oglethorpe and 114 settlers sail on from England in 1732 in late November? Anne
who did Oglethorpe confer with once they reached Charles Town harbor, and what about? the South Carolina officials, and about the colony
what was just uupstream of the large flat area that Oglethorpe had found for a settlement? a small village of Yamacraws, a branch of Creek Indians. where nearby John Musgrove & his wife operated a trading post
who translated for Oglethorpe when he wanted to talk to the Yamacraw chief, Tomochichi Mary, since she was half-white, and half-Creek.
where was Oglethorpe trying to settle his colony? in Yamacraw Bluff
did Tomochichi become an ally of Oglethorpe's? Yes
what are 3 things found near a dig near the trading post? pottery dishes, wine bottles, and kaolin
how could Mary tranlate between Tomochichi and Oglethorpe? because Mary father was white and her mother was a Creek Indian
who was the Yamacraw cheif? Tomochichi
what kind of colony was georgia like in some ways? a proprietary colony-but no one owned it
what is a debtor's prison? a prison for those unable to pay a debt
Created by: inaramo47
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