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6th grade

2nd 9 wks vocab-immigrant

emigrate to leave one's homeland to live in another country
ethnic group minorities that speak different languages or follow different customs from most people in a country
steerage cramped noisy quarters on the lower decks of a ship
assimilate to become part of something, such as part of a country's culture
tenement an apartment building in which several families rented rooms
slum poor, run down neighborhood where these buildings were located
suburb residential area located outside of a city center
Gilded Age both the extravagant wealth of the late 1800s and the terrible poverty that lay underneath
realism the writing that described the real lives of people of the time
regionalism writing that focused on a particular part of the country
ragtime music with complex rhythms that dominated popular music for about 20 yers near the turn of the century
vaudeville vareity shows of the early 1900s with dancing, singing, comedy, and magic acts
sweatshop a shop where workers worked for long hours at low wages with unhealty conditions
settlement house a place where the provided community services like medical care
Created by: fhershey