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AR Ch2 Test

Settling the Thirteen Colonies

Most of its colonies were originally charter colonies New England Colonies
One of its colonies was founded for Roman Catholics Southern Colonies
These colonies had original settlements by the Dutch and Swedes. Middle Colonies
The Pilgrims were different from the P_______. Puritans
The Pilgrims(Separatists) wanted to ____________ from the church of England. separate
The Puritans wanted to ___________ the Church of England. purify
_________-_________ companies provided a means for raising money to support a new colony. Joint-stock
Did the English prohibit (not allow) the Roman Catholics from coming to the American colonies? false
Which type of colony was directly ruled by the king? royal colonies
Which type of colony was ruled by a proprietor? proprietary
Did the settling of Connecticut come out of a controversy with Massachusetts? NO
What colony was settled for CATHOLICS but allowed PROTESTANTS to settle there? Maryland
The possibility of owning _____________ in America encouraged many English settlers to go there. land
Who founded Delaware? the Swedes
Did the Puritans demand a strict separation of church and state matters? no
What is another name for the Society of Friends? Quakers
What was the name of the Dutch colony later called New York? New Netherlands
What cash crops were valuable to the Carolina colonies? rice indigo tobacco
In what year did the Pilgrims come to the New World? 1620
What motive for colonization gave the heritage of the U.S. a great distinction/ religious freedom
"Friend" who accept a colony as payment for a debt William Penn
What kind of colony was directly supervised by the king? royal colony
To what religious group did the Pilgrims belong? Separatists
Which document is regarded as the first written constitution drawn up in America? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
What was the name for those who received larger grants of land in the Dutch Colony? patroons
Which colony was heavily populated during the "Great Migration"? Massachusetts
Who was determined to build a colony that practiced separation of church and state? Roger Williams
What colony passed an Act of Toleration guaranteeing religious freedom? Maryland
What was the first settlement of Georgia? Savannah
English general who wanted to help debtors James Oglethorpe
Governor who wanted his colony to be "a city set upon a hill" John Winthrop
Which colonial city became the leading center of government and culture among the southern colonies? Williamsburg
New Netherland later became New___________ York
What city was founded by Roger Williams? Providence, Rhode Island
Whom did Roger Williams pay for the land of Rhode Island? Indians
Which religious group did Roger Williams disagree with? Puritans
Which colony is being described: charter colony settled by Puritans required everyone to attend church Massachusetts Bay colony
Did Roger Williams believe that the church should control government? NO
Which of the English colonies was first settled by the Swedes? Delaware
Which colony were William Bradford, Squanto, and Miles Standish a part of? Plymouth
Which kind of colonies were formed by joint-stock companies? charter colonies
Which colony was governed by Peter Minuit? New Netherland
Which colony was settled by the patroons? New Netherland
Who received the land of the former Dutch colony of New Netherland from the King of England? James, the Duke of York
What famous colonial proprietor was a Quaker? William Penn
Which colony was settled by people from Massachusetts Bay who wanted more land? Connecticut
Which Lord Baltimore established a colony for Roman Catholics? Cecilius Calvert
Essay --- Explain several reasons why the English settlers came to America. Religious freedom -- free from the government control Economic freedom --- land Political freedom --- from strict kings Adventure
Created by: kawood
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