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Ch. 1 WV Studies


geography the study if the physical features of Earth and the interaction of humans and the environment.
latitude a measure of distance north and south of the equator
longitude the distance east or west of the prime meridian
panhandle a long, narrow strip of a larger territory
rural countrylike
climate the average weather of a region over a long period of time
weather the day-to-day conditions and changes in the atmosphere
elevation the height of the land above sea level
precipitation rain, snow sleet, or hail
drought a long period of little or no rain
El Nino warmer then usual Pacific Ocean surface temperatures
La Nina colder than usual Pacific Ocean surface temperatures
global warming the raising of the average temperature on earth due to an excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
topography physical features of the land such as mountains and plateaus
erosion gradual wearing down of the land by the action of wind or water.
spelunker one who likes to explore caves
stalactites deposites of calcium carbonate that hang like icicles from the roof of a cave
stalgmites deposits of calcium carbonate that rise like pillars from the floor of a cave
flora the plant life of an area
conifer a cone bearing tree or shrub
fauna the animal life of an area
bounty a reward or payment
tributary a stream or river that flows into a larger river
location one of the 5 themes of geography that describes where a place is
place one of the 5 themes of geography. It describes the physical and human characteristics of a location
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