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Causes of the Civil War

North or South? Which region supported the principle of state's rights? South
What is state's rights? The belief the state is more powerful than the federal government
North or South? Which region wanted a protective tariff? North
What is a tariff? Tax on imports
What is an import? Something brought into a country
North or South? After 1850, which region of the United States controlled both the U. S. House of Representatives and Senate? North
What are the two branches of the United States Congress? House of Representatives and Senate
North or South? Which region was angered by the Dred Scott Decision? North
North or South? Accused the abolitionists and Republicans of supporting John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry, Virginia? South
Same or Opposite? How did the North and South compare on the key isues of the 1850s? Opposite
In the Kansas-Nebraska Territory, how would the issue of slavery be determined? popular sovereignty
What is popular sovereignty? People vote, whoever has the most votes wins; majority rules
North, South, West? Which two regions agreed on the issue of slavery? North, West--Both against
North or South? What was the region which traded most with the West? North
North or South? Which region did the West carry on a busy trade? North
North, South, West? Which two regions most closely agreed on the issue of slavry? North and West----against
Political power in the West was in the hands of what group? Small farmers
Who was the major trading partner of the North? South
Which group held political power in the West? small farmers
What group of people were determined to end slavery? abolitionists
What is an abolitionist? Someone who wanted to end slavery immediately
What is meant by "to secede?" To leave
How did many Northerns feel about the Fugitive Slave Law? Against it
What was the Fugitive Slave Law? Required Northern states and the federal government's assistance to return runaway slaves to the South.
Following the passage of the Kansas-Nebrska Act, Kansas Territory became known as _?_ Bleeding Kansas
What two groups were opposed to each other in the Kansas-Territory? Pro-Slavery and Anti-slavery
Why was the Rebublican Party created? To oppose the extension of slavery into the territories
What was the first state to secede? South Carolina
What is meant by to secede? To leave
Who was taken into free territory by his master? Dred Scott
Did Abraham Lincoln favor slavery being extended into the territories? no
Who wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin?" Harriet Beecher Stowe
In what book does the charcter Simon Legree cause the death of the much beloved Uncle Tom? Uncle Tom's Cabin
Who was the president of the Confederate States of America? Jefferson Davis
Who attacked a government arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virgins? John Brown
Who was a strong anti-slavery force in the Kansas Territory? John Brown
Why did John Brown attack the arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia? To capture arms in order to arm slaves
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