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Unit 2 Study Guide

He proposed the American system Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun
Wrote stories of the French & Indian War such as "The Last of the Mohicans" James F. Cooper
Wrote Folk tales of Dutch settlers like "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Washington Irving
Inventor of the cotton gin and interchangeable parts Eli Whitney
Supreme Court Chief Justice whose decisions strengthened the national government John Marshall
This treaty removed warships from the Great Lakes following the War of 1812 Rush-Bagot Treaty
This treaty acquired Florida from Spain Adams-Onis Treaty
Treaty that settled the Maine - Canada border Webster - ashburton Treaty
This treaty set the border between Louisiana Territory and Canada at the 49th parallel British - American Convention
Case that upheld the supremacy of the federal government and declared that states could not tax the National Bank McCulloch v. Maryland
Case upheld federal authority over interstate commerce Gibbons v. Ogden
Religious revival movement that swept the nation The second great awakening
Religious group that was persecuted for the practice of polygamy Mormonism
Philosophical movement derived from Romanticism. Stressed ties to nature Transcendentalism
Religious community that practiced celibacy & a simple lifestyle Shakers
She helped organize the 1848 women rights convention Margaret Fuller
Founder and leader of the Shakers Mother Ann Lee
She worked to gain more humane treatment of the mentally ill Dorothea Dix
Reclusive poet whose works became well known after her death Emily Dickinson
Inventor of the sewing machine Elias Howe
2 examples of transcendentalist authors Ralph Waldo Emmerson and Henry David Thoreau
Pioneer in education reforms Horace Mann
Author of tales about early New England such as the "The Scarlet Letter" Nathaniel Hawthorne
Inventor of the telegraph Samuel Morse
Founder of the Mormon Church Joseph Smith
Inventor of the mechanical reaper Cyrus McCormick
Writer of horror tales such as "The Pit and the Pendulum" Edgar Allen Poe
Leading white male abolitionist and publisher of The Liberator William Lloyd Garrison
Leading black male abolitionist and publisher of The North Star Frederick Douglas
Black female abolitionist known for her speech making abilities Sojourner Truth
Black female abolitionist known for her work with the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
The president during the "Era of Good Feelings" James Monroe
Movement to convince people to stop drinking alcohol Temperance Movement
This policy statement continued neutrality but added the warning that the U.S. wanted no more European colonization in the Western Hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
Site of early textile mill town that attempted to treat workers well Lowell, MA
Vice president who wrote the South Carolina Protest & Exposition against tariffs John C. Calhoun
U.S. President who "Killed" the second National Bank Andrew Jackson
President of the National Bank Nicholas Biddle
He debated Robert Haynes in the Senate and defeated the supremacy of the national government over the states Daniel Webster
He won the 1824 election by a vote of the House of Representatives in what became known as the "Corrupt Bargain" Andrew Jackson
President after Jackson. Signed the Independent Treasury Act Martin Van Buren
Term: Approval from the people after a big electoral victory Mandate
Term: For negative attacks on candidates during elections Mudslinging
What critics called Jackson's "rotation in office" of federal workers Spoils System
Term: Describing a states' attempt to ignore a law passed by Congress Nullification
Term: For hard currency; gold or silver coin Specie Circular
When you buy something (Land, stocks) in hopes of selling it at a profit Speculation
Political party formed by Andrew Jackson and that promoted states rights Democratic Party
New name for the National Republican Party to show their opposition to Andrew Jackson Whig Party
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