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Gross exam 2


Where do you find the areola 4th intercostal space
What are borders of breast Lateral border of sternum;; Rib 2 to rib 6;; midaxxilary line (tail of breast)
How much breast overlays pec major vs. serratus anterior 2/3 over pec. 1/3 over SA
T/F the breast is attached more to skin than Pec Major True
How many lobules per mammary gland 15-20
How many lobules does the lactiferous duct drain one 1:1
WHat is another name for sebaceous glands (bumps on nipple) Glands of Montgomery
Where do you find the Internal Thoracic Artery Comes from subclavian and runs posterior to ribs and parrallel to sternum
Where and WHat does the Internal Thoracic Artery spilt Rib 6-7 , branches to form musculophrenic a. and continues down as superior gastric a.
Whare do you find the internal thoracic viens Wrapped around internal thoracic artery (vena communicantes)
AN artery is said to be Anastomosis if - Artery with 2 sources
Where do you find the Lateral thoracic artery Down lateral side to serratus anterior - (2-3 times larger in females)
The posterior intercostal aa. come from? Thoracic artery
The anterior intercostal aa. come from? Aorta
What innervates the breast? intercostal nerves 4-6 (segmental )
T/F - Breast cancer is ussually cancer of the ducts? True
WHat is origin of Pec Major 2 - Heads;; Clavicular head: anterior medial half of clavicle;; Sternocostal head: anterior sternum, superior 6 costal cart, and aponerosis of external obilques
What is insertion of Pec Major Lateral lip of intertubecular groove (humerus)
What is innervation and blood supply of Pec Major Lateral and Medial pectoral nerve;;; BS=Thoracoacrimal Artery - pectoral branch
EHat are the actions of the pec major Adducts and medially rotates humerus;;; Calvicular head -- flexes humerus,, Sternocostal head: extends humerus in flexed position
WHat is Origin of Pec Minor Ribs 3-5 near costal cartilage
What is insertion of Pec Minor Medail and Superior coracoid process
What is innervation and blood supply of Pec Minor Medial Pectoral Nerve ;; BS=Thoracoacromial Artery - pectoral branch
EHat are the actions of the pec minor Draws scapula inferior and anterior
WHat is Origin of Subclavius muscle Junction of rib 1 and costal cartilage
What is insertion of Subclavius muscle inferior middle clavicle
What is innervation and blood supply of Subclavius muscle nerve to subclavius -- ;; BS=Thoracoacromial Artery - clavicular branch
What are the actions of the subclavius m Anchors and depresses clavicle - bird flapping m
What are the Origins of the Seratus Anterior m External lateral parts of rib 1-8
What are the Insertions of the Seratus Anterior m Anterior - medial border of scapula
What are the inervations and Blood supply of the Seratus Anterior m Long Thoracic;; BS=Lateral Thoracic artery
What are the actions of the Seratus Anterior m protracts scapula and holds it to thorax
What are the Origins of the Transverse Thoracic m Internal surface of lower sternum and x-pjoid process and adj costal cartilage
What are the Insertions of the Transverse Thoracic m supereolaterally to costal cartilages of 2-6
What are the inervations of the Transverse Thoracic m intercostal n
What are the actions of the Transverse Thoracic m depress ribs
What is the pericardium Double walled fibrous sac;; pericardiacophrenic ligament to central tendon,;; Sternopericardial ligament to sternum & fused with tunica adventia
What are the two layers of the pericardium Serous (Visceral & Parietal) and Fibrous
What forms the epicardium Visceral layer of Serous Pericardium
WHat part of pericardium contains the phrenic nerve Fibrous Pericardium
What is tamponade Irritation to parietal layer of Serous Pericardium - Fills with fliud and compresses heart
The Serous Pericardium allows for ____ heart beating frictionless
Where do you find the Transverse Pericardial Sinus Sinus of closed pericardium, posterior to aorta and pulmanary artery and Anterior to Superior Vena Cava - TEST
Where do you find the Oblique Pericardial Sinus From Apex of heart - medial and Superior;; between 4 pulmonary veins (2 layers of pericardium)
What is the blood supply of the pericardium pericardiacophrenic artery and veins,
WHere do the pericardiacophrenic arteries derive from From - internal thoracic - from subclavian
t/F - the pericardium does not refer pain False - Refers to ipsilateral upper shoulder
What innervates the pericardium Phrenic nerves; Vagus nerve, and sympathetic trunks (Vasomotor)
Where do you find the Sinus Verarum R. Atrium - Smooth area
Where do you find the Sulcus Terminalis R-Atrium - External aspect of crista terminalis ( outside of heart)
Where do you find the Pectinate Muscles Atriums - act as baffles
Where do you find the Auricle One each on the L& R Atriums - Ear like - hollow pouch containing pectinate muscles
Where do you find the Crista Terminalis Internal ridge separating smooth and rough area in R Atrium
Where do you find the Fossa Ovale Remnant of foramen ovlae - in Right & L Atriums
Where do you find the Limbus Fossa Ovalis R-Atrium - Border around the Fossa Ovale
Where do you find the Orifice for Coronary Sinus R-Atrium - btwn Tricuspid valve and Inferior Vena Cava orifice
Where do you find the Orifice for inferior Vena Cava R.Atrium
Where do you find the Orifice for orifice for tricuspid valve R.Atrium
The right ventricle recieves __% of its blood from gravity and ___% is squeezed by atrium 80 % Grav -- 20% squeeze
Where do you find the Conus Arteriosus R-Ventricle - Aka Infundibulum - funnel shaped
Where do you find the Trabeculae Carneae R Ventricle : aka beam of meat -
Where do you find the Septomarginal Trabeculae R-Ventricle aka - moderator band - carries right bundle branch of AV node --TEST
Where do you find the Supraventricular Crest R-Ventricle -seperates smooth and rough areas
The Supraventricular Crest in the Ventricle is synonymis with the ___ in the Atrium Cristal Terminalis
The Trabeculae Carneae in the Ventricle is synonymis with the ___ in the Atrium Pectinate m
How many pectinate muscles are in the R-Ventricle and name attachments # pappillary mm. Anterior (largest- ant and post) ,, Septal (septal and anterior) and Posterior (posterior and septal) - NOTE OVERLAP
Where do you find Cordae Tendineae R-Ventricle - pappilary mm to cusps of valves
How many fingers fit into Tricuspid valve 3
Where do you find the Tricuspid valve Btwn R-Atrium and R-Ventricle -- 3 cusps
Where do you find Pulmonary Valve Right Ventricle - to Pulmonary trunk -- Called a semi lunar valve
Is the Pulmanry trunk in a Vertical or Horizontal orientation Horizontal
WHat type of blood flows into pulmonrary trunk - arteries (oxygenated or non-oxygenated non-oxygenated
Which Ventricle is larger Left
Which Auricle is larger right
Where do you find the Interatrial septum Between atriums
Where do you find pectinate muscles R-Atrium, R-Auricle and L-Auricle
The L-Ventricle walls are __X as thick as the R-Ventricle 2
How many Pappilary m. in the Left Ventricle 2
What is the name of the valve between L-Atrium and L-Ventricle Mitral - Bicuspid
T/F the Trabeculea Carnea in the R-Ventricle is finer and more numerous than L-Ventricle False - Left V. - finer & more
Where do you find the Aortic Semilunar valve Btwn L-Ventricle and Aorta
Where does the S-A Nodal artery come from First branch off R-Coronary artery
Where does the A-V Nodal artery come from off R-Coronary artery at posterior wall @ crus (TEST)
How long is the Left Coronary Artery 1 cm
WHat does the Right Coronary artery supply R-atrium, R&L Ventricle, posterior 1/3 AV septum, SA node(60%), AV-node (80%)
WHat does the Left Coronary artery supply L Atrium, L&R Ventricle, anterior 2/3 interventricular septum, SA Node 40% and AV-node 20%
Define Anterior Interventricular Septum 1st branch of Left Coronary artery, Widow Maker - most commonly occluded
What branches off the Left Coronary Artery Anterior Interventricular Septum 1st branch; Circumflex Branch - 2nd branch
What branches off the Right Coronary Artery S-A Node Artery, Right Marginal Artery, Posterior interventricular Artery (PD or Posterior descending) , A-V Node Artery
Define the Venous drainage of heart Coronary Sinus, Great Cardiac Vein, Thesbian Veins
What does Coronary Sinus Drain in posterior AV sulcus, Drains Most of heart
What doe Thesbian Veins do Drain directly chabers of heart AKA smallest cardiac veins
What is another name for Great Cardiac Vein and what does it drain AKA anterior interventricular vein, drains Left Ventricle into L. coronary sinus
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