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ortho tests

ortho test-positive finding

Ortho TestPositive Finding Significance
Adson's Test TOS (ant scalenes) [px]
Compression Test IVF encroachment [cerv and/or radicular px]
Distraction Test soft tissue [px]; N root compression [relief of px]
Spurling's Foraminal Encroachment Test N. root irritation [if radicular-facet if local]
Kernig's Test Meningeal irritation-px prevents completion
Brudzinski (soto-hall) Meningeal irritation-buckling of knees
Gaenslen's Supine Test Sacroiliac joint tension-exacerbation of px
True Leg Length ASIS to medial malleolus
Apparent Leg Length Umbilicus to medial malleolus
Ely's Test Lumbar N. Root
Nachlas SI or LS lesion - local px at site of lesion or radiating px down nerve
Yeoman's Test Hip of SI lesion-px deep in SI joint
Bechterew Disc lesion-px down affected leg
Minor's Sign Sciatica
Gower's Sign Muscular dystrophy
Toe Walk S1 n. root/L5 disc
Heel Walk L5 n. root/L4 disc
Supported Adam's px on flexion-pelvic problem
Neri's Bowing Sign Lumbar m. spasm or sciatic-flexion of knee on affected side to relieve px or tension
Kemp's lumbar facet syndrome-local px w/wout radiation
Trendelenberg weakness oppo glut medius (MS)-hip on side or raised leg is lower
Gillet Test Sacroiliac fixation-ilium fails to move posterior, medial and inferior
Lewin-Gaenslen's SI joint px
Iliac Compression SI joint px
Ober's Test TFL contracture-leg does not fall, or does in clonus
Burn's Bench Malingering-refuses/unable to perform
Hoover's Sign Malingering-no downward pressure on unaffected leg
O'Donohue Test Sprain-ligament px on passive mvmt; strain-muscle, px on active mvmt
Dejerine's Triad SOL, disc, compression fx-radicular px
Valsalva space occupying lesion-radicular
Millgram's Test SOL-LBP
Apley's Scratch Test Decreased active ROM-limited mvmt
Codman's Drop Arm Rotator Cuff tear, esp. supraspinatus-shoulder px and hunching of deltoid
Apprehension Chronic shoulder dislocat
Dawbarn subacromial bursitis-pxful spot disappears under dr's fingers as arm is abducted
Yergason's Test Tear of tranverse humeral lig-bicipital tendon instability-px or audible click at bicipital groove
Cozen's Test Lateral epicondylitis/tennis elbow-px in elbow over lat epicondyle
Mill's Test Lateral epicondylitis-px in lat elbow
Stability Test Tear of collateral and/or capsular lig
Tinel's Sign Neuritis, neuroma or regeneration of ulnar n.-px, tingling distal to n.
Phalen's Test Carpal tunnel syndrome-px or redup of sx
Finkelstein's Test Stenosing tenoynovitis/Dequervain's disease-px in anotomical snuffbox
Tinel's Carpel tunnel-median n. lesion-px, paresthesia in hand
Froment's Paper sign Ulnar n. lesion-pt flexes thumb in order to hold it, due to paralysis of adductor pollicis
Pinch grip test median n. compression (entrapment in pronator teres)
Drawer Sign Injury to anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments-excess mvmt pulling fwd-ant cruc; excess mvmt back-post cruc lig
Bounce Home Test Meniscus damage-incomplete ext and has rubbery resistance to further ext (vs. sharp endpoint)
McMurray's Test Meniscus tear-pxful click-medial menis (external); in medial rot. pxful click-lateral meniscus (internal)
Reduction Click Test Meniscus had slipped back into place-click sound during rotation and ext
Effusion Test - Major Joint effusion-rebound of patella
Effusion Test - Minor Minor effusion-tap causes fluid to wave over to lateral side of the joint
Grinding Test for Patella Roughening of the articular surface (chondromalacia patella)-palp crepitus
Apprehension Test Chronic patellar dislocation-look of apprehension
Stress Tests Collateral lig disruption-px/inc laxity in valgus=medial collateral; in varus = lateral collateral
Apley's Compression Test Meniscus damage-px; in medial rot.-lat meniscus, in lateral rot.-medial meniscus
Apley's Distraction Test Collateral ligament damage-in medial rot.=lat collat lig;in lat. rot.=medial collat. lig
Homan's Sign Thrombophlebitis
Anterior Foot Drawer Instability of ant. talofib. lig
Stability Test Ligament tear-invert calc=gapping (ant talofib/calcaneofib lig); evert calc=deltoid lig gapping
Thompson's/Simmond's/Achille's Continuity Test Rupture of achilles tendon-lack of plantar flexion
Created by: pcelvfrdm
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