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Part 4 X-Ray

X-Ray Sign and Recognition

Soap Bubble Giant Cell Tumor
What is the M/C age for Giant Cell Tumor? 30 y.o.a.
Barrel Vertebra Ankylosing Spondylitis
Courduroy Cloth Hemangioma
Saber Shin Pagets
Dagger Sign Ankylosing Spondylitis
Brim Sign Paget's
Winking Owl Missing Pedicle
Mushroom Deformity Femoral Head of Legg Calve Perthes
Blade of Grass Paget's
Striated Vertebra Hemangioma
Ground Glass Fibrous Displasia
What is the m/c location for Fibrous Displasia? Femoral neck/head
Crescent Sign Legg Calve Perthes
Poker Spine AS
Bowline of Brailsford Spondylolisthesis
Boutenniere Deformity RA
Ivory Vertebra Pagets
Shephards's Crook Paget's and Fibrous Dysplasia
Spoked Wheel Hemangioma in the Skull
Trolley Track Spine AS
Ray Pattern Psoriatic Arthritis (MCP,PIP and DIP erosions)
Sagging Rope Legg Calve Perthes
Blind Vertebra Osteolytic Mets (bilateral missing pedicles)
Bone within Bone Osteopetrosis
Cotton Wool Pagets
Pencil in Cup Psoriatic Arthritis
Rat Bite RA
Gendarme's Cap Spondylolisthesis
Snow Cap Legg Calve Perthes
Shiny Corner Sign AS
Rind of Sclerosis Fibrous Dysplasia
Fallen Fragment Unicameral Bone Cyst
Blister of Bone Anuerysmal Bone Cyst
Candle Flame Pagets
Bamboo Spine AS
Inverted Napoleon Hat Spondylolisthesis
Picture Frame Vert. Paget's
Dagger Sign AS
Crescent Sign Legg Calve Perthes
Sandwich Vertebra Osteopetrosis
Balancing Pagoda Psoriatic Arthritis
Scotty Dog Spondylolisthesis
Isthmic Bilateral Pars Defects (not necessarily slippage)
Cup and Saucer Psoriatic Arthritis
Parrallel Reaction Infection (thin line parallel to long bone)
Sunburst Perosteal Reaction Osteosarcoma
MC Location of UBC Shoulder
Step Off Sign AC shoulder separation
Erlenmeyer Flask Osteopetrosis
Codfish (Hourglass on Side) Osteoporosis
Mouse Ear psoriatic arthritis
Rat Tail Deformity RA
punched out lesions multiple myeloma
notched vertebra sickle cell
cupids bow Normal finding (a-p lumbar)
ant. wedge vertebra compression fx/ shuermann's
scrambled spine Scoliosis
multiple schmorles nodes sheurmann's
hemivertebra must have scoliosis and missing pedicle
ungual erosions scleroderma
discogenic spondylosis DJD
juvenalis kyphosis dorsalis sheurmann's
Infection of spine Pott's (must affect more than on vertebra)
radiolucent vertebral destruction Osteolytic Mets
Calve's aka: Eosinophilic Granuloma
Mushroom Deformity Healed LCP
Triangular Arthritic pattern of SI joints Osteocondritis Condesans Illi (female)
Obliterated SI jts AS (young adult males)
Diseases w/ protrusio acetabuli RA/Pagets
Shepherd Crook Fibrous Dysplasia/ Pagets
Crescent Sign Acute LCP
Snow Cap sign Acute LCP
Increase Tear Drop Acute LCP
AVN of Hip without affecting the acetabulum LCP
Brim Sign Paget's
Disrupted Kohlers line Protusio Acetabuli
Disrupted Skinners Line Slipped Femoral Capital Epiphysis
Sagging Rope Sign Healed LCP
Disrupted Kleins Line Slipped Femoral Capital Epiphysis
Erlenmyer Flask Deformity Osteopetrosis
Sandwich Vertebra Osteopetrosis
Labs for Cancer Alkaline Phosphatase
Labs for Gout Uric Acid
Labs for UTI Nitrites
Labs for Kidney Urinalysis, Creatinine, BUN
Labs for Prostate Acid Phosphatase (PSA)
gull wing erosive osteoarthritis
pencil in cup psoriatic arthritis
Cup and saucer psoriatic
Cocktail sausage digits psoriatic
candle flame paget's
pannus RA
pie sign lunate dislocation
ray pattern psoriatic
hyperurecemia gout
hypercalcemia multiple myeloma
raynauds in fingers scleroderma
dysphagia dish and scleroderma
sydesmophyte AS
tractions spurs instability
opera glass psoriatic
balancing pagoda psoriatic
whiskering enthesopathy
cortical erosion/sunburst perosteal reaction osteosarcoma
cyst in shoulder Unicameral (solitary) Bone Cyst
Fallen Fragment UBC
M/C location for Giant Cell Tumor Metaephyseal/Juxta Articular
Location for HADD Shoulder
Osteochondrits Dessicans Joint Mouse
Osteitis Deformans Paget's
M/C age for Pagets Over 60 (Males)
Chamberlains and Mcgreggors Basilar Invagination
Sheaves of Wheat Pagets
Fasciculations Pagets
cortical saucering Ewings
Stalk and Cauliflower Pedunculated Osteochondroma
Benign tumor of hand Enchondroma
Multiple Enchondromas Olier's
Lumpy, Bumpy, Bone HME
Cafe Ole Spots Fibrous Dysplasia and Neurofibromatosis
Honeycomb Hemangioma
M/C location for Fibrous Cortical Defect Post. Distal Femur (4-8 yoa)
Benign Egg shape lesion of femur Fibrous Dysplasia
Coin on Edge Eosinophilic Granuloma
Vertebral Plana Eosinophilic Granuloma
Banana Fx Paget's
CPPD of Knee aka? Chondrocalcinosis
Labs for Paget's Urinary hydroxyproline and Alk. Phospatase
Subchondral Sclerosis DJD
Thickened Cortex Paget's
Lines for Spondylolisthesis Ullman's
Classification for Spondy Meyerding's
Bilat. Pars FX Spondylosis
Spondy type with bilat. pars fx Isthmic
Lines for Scoliosis Cobbs and Riser Fergusons
Productive Cough Pneumonia
Hemoptosis Cancer
owls eyes Sacralization
Kissing spinous baastrups
SBO with spinous knife clasp deformity (seen on A-P)
Forrestiers Disease DISH
Candle Wax Dish
Lucent line in disc Vaccuum Phenomenon
Blind Vertebra missing pedicles (lytic mets)
Pedicle Hypertrphy congenital pedicle missing
Labs for Hyperparathyroidism, Rickets Hypercalcemia, Hypophosphoremia
Distal Clavicle Resorption HPT
Rain Drop Skull Multiple Myeloma
Lab for Scleroderma Protein Electrophoresis
Pathalogic/Infections Kyphotic Compression Gibbus Deformity
calcaneal fx line bohlers
osteoporosis circumscripta Pagets in skull
Post. scalloping and IVF enlargement Neurofibromatosis
Buttressing change or buildup usually d/t anterior Jared
Increase Hat Size Paget's
Fauns Beard Spina Bifida
Webb Neck Klippel Fiel
shiny corner sign AS
Overhanging Edge Sign Gout
Test for Lupus ANA
Long Vertebra Infection
hair on end thalasemia
Rudimentary Disc Congenital Block
Openheimer Erosions Look for Anuerysm
Haygarth nodes RA
Burst Fx aka? Jeffersons
MOI for Jeffersons Fx Axial Compression
MOI for Hangman's Fx Hyperextension
Terry Thomas Sign Lunate Dislocation
AVN of lunate Keinbocks
Bence Jones Multiple Myeloma
AVN of Tibial Tuberosity Osgood Schlatters
Moth Eaten Multiple Myeloma
Mulberry Mass Leiomyoma
Guaiac Test Upper Test
Snowball Mass Bronchogenic Carcinoma
Einstens Lines Canal Stenosis
Vascular Testing Doppler Ultrasound
Created by: jcaldwell
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