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Ap us history

Canadian Sheild Who:Indians used it to come down into the Americas What:Land form mainly of Ice Canada When:10,000 years ago Where:North America Why:The need for warmer climate Significance:The American Indians traveled down the CA and spread through out the America
Incas Who:A south American native American empire What:A south American society and empire When:1150BC-1533AD Where:South American pacific coast Why:Due to the conquering of local tribes Significance:They were the reason to why native Americans fell to Eur
Aztecs Who:Native Americans that lived Mesoamerica What:Mesoamerican Empire When:13th-16th century Were:Present day Mexico Why:Superpower of the region Significance:When they were conquered the rest of the natives in the region were not able to Oppose the W
Nation States Who:All modern and most past nations What:A system of governing rule When:19th century Where:All around the world in different times and nations. Why:Importance of the minorities and people. Significance:Was a major support and problem to nationalist
Cahokia Who:Mississippian people What:Mounds that housed huge populations When:950CE Where:American Bottom Why:Died due to disease Significance:Displayed the height of Mississippian culture.
Three sister farming Who:Native Americans What:fruits: When:1500-present day Where:Americas Why;Helped each other when planted. Significance:Greatly increased Europeans population.
Middleman Who:Ottoman Empire & other empires or people that were between trading nations. What:trade When:1500 Where:Mesopotamia Why:Due to being the ones who trade first hand. Significance was the reason why the Americas were discovered.
Carvel Who:Portugal and Spain What:Ship building technique When:15th and 16th century Where:Mediterranean Why:For better travel overseas Significance:It was the necessary technology to get past the Atlantic ocean.
Plantaion Who:Spain and England What:A farm that uses slaves to harvest crops When:16th-18th centuries Where:Americas Why:To be able to harvest more crops faster for cheaper. Significance:helped develop the economy of the colonists.
Colombian Exchange Who:Spanish What:
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